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Surviving to Thriving Financially

Money tips to help you succeed financially!

We all know that life is filled with challenges, obstacles, and unexpected twists and turns, especially when it comes to our finances. At times, it may feel like all we’re doing is surviving and just trying to make it through each day. But what if we could shift our perspective and transform our lives from merely surviving to truly thriving?

Let’s explore some money tips you can implement to help you go from survival mode to thriving financially. As with anything, progress takes time and will surely bring around some ups and downs. Throughout this journey, just remember to be kind to yourself

Set clear goals

The first step to thriving financially is to set clear goals. It’s always good to have something to work towards, especially when it comes to your money. Having a goal can act as a roadmap for your financial journey, guiding your decisions and priorities. They also provide a tangible target to work towards, making it easier to stay disciplined and resist impulsive spending.

Money tip! No matter what you want to achieve, writing down your goals is a great first step. Use our vision board to organize your thoughts and keep it visible throughout your journey to keep you motivated and on track.

Cultivate positive habits

Creating positive money habits can contribute to your financial success and well-being. Maybe your positive habit is setting aside a small amount each pay to go towards your savings. Maybe your positive habit is to put the money you would’ve spent on coffee during the work week and put it towards paying your outstanding debt instead.

Money tip! Whatever your positive habit is, our free budgeting tool, Money Management, can help you stay on track. And remember, no positive habit is too small!

Learn and adapt

Thriving individuals are lifelong learners and aim to embrace new experiences, acquire new skills, and adapt to changing circumstances. It’s important to continuously seek opportunities to expand your financial knowledge. Also, if something with your original plan isn’t working out, don’t hesitate to make adjustments.

Money tip! To help you learn and grow, we have plenty of financial wellness resources, such as the Zogo financial literacy app. Zogo rewards you for completing bite-sized financial literacy lessons on intelligently saving, spending, and managing your money.

Lean on your support system

Whether your support system is your group of friends, your family, or a combination of different people in your life, make sure to reach out for help if you need it.

Money tip! At Clearview, we also want to support you throughout your journey to thriving financially. You can always connect with us using Clearview Live® video banking, chat with Claire on our website or in digital banking, or even stop by one of our locations.

Celebrate all the wins

While working toward your larger financial goals, don't forget to celebrate all the smaller victories along the way. Acknowledging all of your achievements, no matter how minor they may seem, can boost your motivation and self-esteem, making the path to thriving more enjoyable.

Money tip! Also remember to treat yourself now and again. It’s okay to spend money on a fancy dinner, buy a new pair of shoes, or book a relaxing spa day. You’re working hard, so you deserve it!

With these money tips, you can transform your financial life. Enjoy the journey and remember that it's never too late to start thriving financially.

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