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So you're the type of person who reads the fine print on contracts and the entire instruction booklet before putting together your newest gadget. These Clearview FAQ's were made for people like you. We've compiled detailed, but straightforward answers to common questions on important financial topics and on how to best use Clearview's accounts, technology, and other services.

Absolute Checking
The monthly service charge can be avoided altogether if you do at least one of the following:
  • Maintain a $10,000 combined balance per account number among all your Clearview deposits (savings, checking, IRAs and certificates)
  • Maintain a $20,000 combined balance of your deposits and loans
  • Deposit $5,000 or more in total direct deposits to your checking account during the month
We’re excited, too! The Absolute Checking® account offers great value for a minimal monthly service fee. Many members will receive their Absolute Checking® account for free based on their relationship.
Yes, all direct deposits from account owners and joint owners will count towards the $5,000 monthly minimum for waiving the fee.
eClub provides benefits for added security, savings, and convenience that we bundled with Clearview’s convenient features to provide greater value with your Absolute Checking® account. To enroll and fully experience all the benefits that come with your Absolute Checking® account, go to the ‘eClub’ button in Online Banking. You may also call ​1-866-210-0361 for questions related to any of the benefits or for assistance with registration and activation. You will need your Access Code.

Bill Pay is our free bill payment service, accessible through digital banking, that allows you to send, schedule, and track one-time or recurring payments.

Log in to digital banking and select Bill Pay from the Payments section. Next, select your country, read and agree to the terms and conditions, then select Complete Sign Up.

View our tutorial on how to make a payment with bill pay. Then log in to digital banking to get started.

Any individual or company you choose within the United States. For example, your utilities or mortgage. The only exceptions are any government agency including but not limited to federal, state, and local taxing authorities.

View our tutorial on how to add a new payee, then log in to digital banking to get started.

You can schedule your “Send On” date Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays.

Funds are debited from your funding account 1-2 business days after the "Send On" date.

On average, allow three business days for electronic merchants/payees and five business days for those merchants/payees paid by paper check (for those unable to receive electronic payment). You can identify if a payment is to be made electronically or by check by looking at the Send On date vs. the Deliver By date. Payments made by check will reflect 5 business days between the Send On and the Deliver By date. Electronic payments will reflect 3 business days or less.

We process and transmit payment requests Monday-Friday at 10:30 p.m. ET, excluding holidays. Any pending payments on the system will be processed at that time. Payments submitted after 10:30 p.m. ET Friday will not be processed until the end of the next business day.

You can quickly view pending payments or the last 5 payments processed in the "My Payments" box or by selecting "View payment history" link. At that point, you can consider the payment to be processed and the funds will be withdrawn from the account within 2 business days. To view past history for a particular payee, search for the payee name in the "My Payments" box or from the "View payment history" page.

You can edit any scheduled payment up until the time processing begins for the payment.

To edit a scheduled payment:

  1. Locate the payment in the “Scheduled payments” section and select its corresponding edit icon.
  2. You'll then be allowed to change the payment's deliver by date, payment amount, funding account from which you are paying, payment category, payment memo, and add or edit a personal note to your payment.
  3. Click the “Save Changes” button.

A stop payment cannot be placed on a processed Bill Pay payment. Funds are withdrawn from the account via ACH within 2 business days of the Sent Date by our processor.

If a payment was scheduled appropriately based on the Send By and Deliver By date, your payment is guaranteed to be delivered on time by our processor. If it's determined that you scheduled your payments as recommended, our processor will refund up to $50 in late fees assessed by that creditor, if necessary.

Proof of payment must be requested through our Digital Support Team at 1-800-926-0003. You'll be assessed an $18 fee for this service.

In the event that you authorize a payment, and the funds are not available to withdraw from your checking account, our processor will block your Bill Pay activity. In most cases, our processor will attempt to withdraw the funds up to three times from your designated checking account. Upon successfully completing the withdrawal, the block on your account will be removed after 5 business days. If our processor is unsuccessful in collecting the funds, you'll be submitted for internal collections. In order to settle collection items with our processor, please contact 877-346-5272, Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. ET.

While your Bill Pay account is blocked due to NSF activity, pending payments will be cancelled. One-time pending payments and recurring pending payment will need to be rescheduled once your account access is reinstated. Recurring pending payments with a "Send On" date in the future WILL be automatically re-scheduled. For additional information, contact the Digital Support Team at 1-800-926-0003.

To cancel the Bill Pay service, please call the Digital Support Team at 1-800-926-0003.

Clearview Live®
Clearview Live® is our video banking experience that combines friendly, face-to-face service with modern convenience. It’s available six days a week on your phone, home computer, and at various Clearview financial centers.

You can access Clearview Live® on your phone, on your computer, or at a financial center.

  • Download the Clearview Live® app from the Google Play store or App Store and tap Quick Video Call to get started. You can also create a video profile to save your information for future sessions.
  • Start a video call from your computer using the camera icon at the top of clearviewfcu.org.
  • Visit our Clearview Live® video teller machines, found at nine financial centers throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania, and let our friendly video associates assist you with your banking needs.
 Clearview Live® is available Monday – Friday 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. ET and Saturday 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. ET.
When you access Clearview Live® on the app or home computer, you can:
  • Join the Clearview family
  • Apply for a credit card or loan
  • Open a new savings or checking account
  • Ask questions about your account, including assistance using digital banking.
  • Deposit checks
When you access Clearview Live® at a financial center on a VTM, you can:
  • Deposit and cash checks
  • Deposit and withdraw cash
  • Make loan payments
  • Make transfers between accounts
The main difference between VTMs and ATMs is the video banking technology that VTMs offer! VTMs can also function as ATMs and be used for standard transactions. Clearview will still have ATMs at all of our financial centers and a variety of other locations.
Courtesy Pay
An overdraft occurs when you do not have enough money available in your account to cover a transaction, but we pay it anyway. Whether you have enough money in your account to cover a transaction is based on your available balance. 

Overdraft Protection Transfers allow automatic transfers for no fee from your savings, Money Market, and Member's Choice accounts, or PowerLine and Home Equity Lines of Credit. Overdraft protection can be set up at any time. Please contact us as 1-800-926-0003 to verify your current setup for overdraft protection, or to set up overdraft protection for your account.

Please note that the transfer from a deposit account and/or an advance from a line of credit will process before Courtesy Pay or Extended Courtesy Pay. There is no fee for an Overdraft Protection transfer.
We authorize and pay transactions using the available balance in your account. The available balance is the ledger balance (collected funds) minus any holds. As such, the available balance does not include any deposited funds on hold. We may place a hold on deposited funds in accordance with our Funds Availability Policy. If the funds in the available balance are not sufficient to cover a transaction, any available overdraft protection and/or Courtesy Pay may be used to authorize and pay a transaction.

We will also place a hold on your account for any authorized debit card transaction until the transaction settles (usually within two business days) or as permitted by payment system rules. In some cases, the hold may exceed the amount of the transaction. When the hold ends, we will add the funds to the available balance. If your account is overdrawn after such held funds are added to the available balance and the transaction is posted to the available balance, an overdraft fee may be assessed.

Yes. You can choose to protect your checking account with overdraft protection from any of the following accounts:

  • Savings account
  • Money Market account
  • PowerLine Line of Credit
  • Home Equity Line of Credit

Please note that the transfer from a deposit account and/or an advance from a line of credit will process before Courtesy Pay or Extended Courtesy Pay.  There is no fee for a traditional Overdraft Protection transfer.

Courtesy Pay allows qualified members who are at least 18 years old to overdraw their accounts. There is a $35 fee each time we pay an overdraft, capped at four fees per day. Overdrafts are paid at our discretion, which means we do not guarantee that we will always authorize and pay any type of transaction.

Courtesy Pay allows us to authorize and pay overdrafts for the following types of transactions:
  • Checks and other transactions made using a checking account number 
  • Automatic bill payments

The limit for Courtesy Pay is based on algorithms, or a set of rules, that weigh numerous factors and account holder behaviors including an account holder’s usage patterns or relationship with us to assess an account holder’s ability to repay an overdrawn balance. The maximum limit you may receive is $1,750.

No. The overdraw limit is not part of your balance. Rather, it is simply a threshold the Credit Union may extend to you beyond your available checking balance.

While Clearview will strive to pay transactions that total less than your system-generated Courtesy Pay limit, we may pay or return items at our discretion.

If the amount of an overdraft item would exceed your Courtesy Pay limit, we may not cover that item.

No. You cannot use Courtesy Pay to make any loan payments or to bring another account to a positive balance.

You can opt out of the service at any time by contacting our Care Center at 1-800-926-0003 or visiting a financial center. Please note this request could take up to 24 hours. Without Courtesy Pay, overdrawn items will be returned unpaid and a $35.00 NSF fee will be assessed after funds for overdraft protection (if applicable) have been depleted. You may also be charged additional fees by the merchant/payee.

You may opt in to Courtesy Pay by calling our Care Center Representatives at 1-800-926-0003 or visiting a financial center.

You may opt in online or by visiting your local Clearview financial center.

Extended Courtesy Pay allows qualified opted in members who are at least 18 years old to overdraw their accounts. There is a $35.00 fee each time we pay an overdraft, capped at four fees per day. You will also receive a $5.00 daily overdraft fee once your checking account has been overdrawn more than 7 days, up to $100.00 per occurrence.  Extended Courtesy Pay allows us to authorize and pay overdrafts for the following types of transactions:

  • ATM withdrawals
  • Everyday debit card transactions (recurring payments are not included)

Yes. If you have more than one checking account, you must choose to opt in to Extended Courtesy Pay separately for each checking account. Covering one account with Extended Courtesy Pay will not cover all of your Clearview checking accounts from overdrafts at ATMs and from everyday debit card transactions. However, each eligible checking account in good standing will be automatically opted in to Courtesy Pay.

We value your relationship with us and in an effort to provide excellent customer service, we strive to pay items presented on your account against insufficient funds. Courtesy Pay and Extended Courtesy Pay, our discretionary overdraft services, are offered in anticipation that you will be making an immediate deposit.

You may opt out of Extended Courtesy Pay at any time. Please call Clearview at 1-800-926-0003, visit a financial center, or email us at [email protected]. If you choose to email us, please remember not to include any confidential information.

Yes. Clearview maintains the right to remove Courtesy Pay privileges from your account at its sole discretion. We are not obligated to honor any item presented for payment if the account does not contain sufficient available funds.

Credit reports and scores
A credit report is a snapshot of how you have paid back the companies from whom you have borrowed money, or how you have met other financial obligations. Each time you borrow, payment patterns are tracked and reported to a credit bureau. Creditors use this and other information to determine your creditworthiness.
Your credit score is another tool used by creditors. When you apply for credit, a three-digit score predicts how likely you are to repay the debt. Past performance, current debt load, how long you have had credit, what type of credit you have and how many recent accounts you have opened also factor into the score.
It is very easy to get a copy of your credit score. There are three major credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian and Trans Union.
Credit reports include information from credit grantors and public records; including bankruptcies, judgments and liens. Active positive information may remain on your report indefinitely, while missed payments and most public records will remain for seven years. The exception is bankruptcies which remain for ten years, unpaid tax liens, which remain on your credit report for fifteen years, and student loans which can remain as long as 25 years.
In states with community property laws, any debt incurred during marriage is automatically considered joint. Your divorce decree doesn't relieve you from joint debt. Even when a divorce judge orders your ex-spouse to pay a certain bill, you are still legally responsible for the payments. You may be reported to a credit reporting agency and contacted by the creditor for payment.
Filing for bankruptcy is not necessarily the easy way out. There is no guarantee that it will be granted; a court judgment must be made. Even if you only file the papers and don't go through with it, the bankruptcy shows up on your credit report. Also, not all debts can be included in a bankruptcy. Alimony, child support, student loans and tax liens all must still be paid. The bankruptcy will remove some unsecured debts, but the filing, dismissal or discharge remains on your credit report for 10 years. Obtaining new credit during this time may be difficult.
Although a low rate is always better than a high rate, there are some basics to remember if you decide to do the "credit card shuffle." First, discipline yourself to close the initial card once the transfer of balance is complete. Many consumers fail to do this and find themselves a few months later with two large balances because they started using the "paid off" card again. Next, there is often a balance transfer fee imposed for each transfer so you must consider it in relation to the savings gained by the lower rate. These fees can sometimes be very large. Also, each time you request a new account, your credit profile is reviewed. Having too many inquiries for new credit in a relatively short time span can affect your credit score.
More than two major credit cards are considered unnecessary. Carrying a lot of plastic in your wallet can be dangerous for various reasons. Open accounts with no balances are still factored into your credit score because they represent amounts that could be balances owed tomorrow. You are also a target for identity theft. If someone obtains your credit card information, they may decide to start using your available credit. One major credit card with a low APR, left at home in a safe place for emergencies is ideal.
There are pros and cons to including credit card debt in a mortgage refinance. The big pro is that the interest that accrues will be a part of the mortgage interest, therefore tax deductible, while interest on credit cards is not. Another pro is that interest rates on mortgages are typically lower than credit card rates. You need to compare the savings before you decide to include them. The biggest con is when you do not close credit cards that were included in the loan and then run them back up. Now you are facing double payments and you will be using more of your home's equity to include credit cards.
Yes, you may visit GreenPath Debt Solutions, the website of our free and confidential financial management program partner.
Debit and credit cards
You can use up to $4,000 daily in purchases or cash advances with your Clearview Debit Card in addition to the $500 maximum ATM withdrawal limit.
If you're traveling internationally, please take the following steps:
  • Set travel notifications for your debit and credit card(s) from our Card Defense® app. Within Card Defense®, tap on your card, and select Travel Notifications. If you have multiple cards, you'll have to set the notification for each card individually. You can also contact us at 1-800-926-0003 prior to your departure with the dates and cities you’ll be traveling to so we can notate your cards for travel. We recommend taking more than one form of payment with you when you travel.
  • You'll be asked for a PIN number if you're using your card outside of the U.S., so make sure you have a PIN set up on all cards you'll be taking with you. To set up a PIN for credit cards, call 1-866-576-1342, and for debit cards, call 1-866-985-2273.
Use your Premium World® Mastercard® confidently knowing there are no foreign transaction fees!
Protect yourself by registering for real-time text fraud alerts for your Clearview credit and debit cards. Once registered, you'll receive a text and/or pre-recorded voice call when there's a suspicious transaction on your card.
Register today. It only takes a few minutes!

You can get a new credit or debit card printed on the spot at some of our financial centers for the following reasons:

  • When your card is lost or stolen
  • When your card is damaged
  • When you open a new checking account at a financial center

Visit our location pages to see which financial centers offer instant issue credit and debit cards.


You'll need a state issued ID and $10 to open your account.

"Once a Member, Always a Member." Once you've joined Clearview, you may remain a member for life. You will always be able to use your credit union, no matter where you move. Our Service Center Help Desk is available six days a week, from anywhere in the country. Remember, you can perform many key financial transactions through our robust digital suite, including digital banking, voice banking with Claire and Clearview Live® video banking. Need to bank in person? We have Shared Branch locations and a network of 80,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide.

Yes. Using ClickSWITCH, you can move your direct deposits and automatic payments to your new Clearview account. It's fast, convenient, secure, and automated, so you don't have to do a lot of heavy lifting. Just enter some basic information and let ClickSWITCH do the rest! 

Yes! Feel right at home even when you're miles away with convenient access to your Clearview accounts nationwide. As part of the Co-Op Shared Branch Network, Clearview members can perform routine transactions coast to coast at any of the 5,000 participating credit unions and 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs.


If you're unable to use any other methods to make a payment to your loan or credit card, please send payments to the following addresses:

  • Credit cards: Clearview Federal Credit Union, PO Box 71050, Charlotte, NC 28272-1050
  • Loan or deposit address: Clearview Federal Credit Union, ATTN: Payment Processing, 8805 University Blvd, Moon Twp, PA 15108-2580. 

You can also make a one-time payment to your loan without logging in to digital banking using our Make a Payment Portal. There's a service fee per transaction. We have payment options in digital banking where you can avoid a fee. Business loans, Midwest mortgages, and credit cards cannot be performed through this payment channel. Learn more about your repayment options.

You can use direct deposit or have your loan payment withdrawn directly from your checking account at another financial institution. Set up direct deposit with your employer and contact us to have automatic transfers made to your loan(s) each time your direct deposit is received.

Call our Care Center at 1-800-926-0003 to make your payment from your debit card or checking account at another financial institution to your Clearview loan or credit card. There's a service fee per transaction. You can avoid this fee by making a payment within digital banking. Learn more about your repayment options.

Mobile banking

Mobile Deposit is available to Clearview members that are over the age of 13 and are enrolled in digital banking with a valid email address.

Yes, business members who meet the requirements above are eligible for Mobile Deposit.

Within the app, select Check deposit to get started. If you're new to mobile deposit, you'll need to accept the terms and conditions. 

View our tutorial on how to make a mobile deposit.

Properly endorse the check like you normally would, by signing the back of the check. Also, make sure you write "For Mobile Deposit Only" on the back of the check below your signature.

When taking the pictures you may receive one of the error messages listed below:

  • Folded or Torn Edges
  • Front Image not Legible
  • Amounts not Matching
  • Routing and Account Numbers Unclear
  • No Camera on Device
  • Image is too Dark
  • Access Denied
  • Restrictive Endorsement

Make sure you take both pictures in a well lit area on a contrasting background to avoid shadows and poor image quality. Also, make sure you keep your hands clear of the check while taking the pictures. This should help you avoid any of the errors above.

We recommend you keep the check in your personal files for 30 days. Securely store the paper check until you see the deposit on your statement. After 30 days, destroy/shred the check.

Our deposit limits for members ages 16 and older are $5,000 per day and $7,000 per rolling month. For members ages 13 through 15, our deposit limits are $1,250 a day and $2,500 per rolling month.

Yes, the following checks cannot be deposited through the Mobile Deposit service: Third Party Checks, Incomplete Checks, Non-Negotiable Items, Returned Checks, Altered Checks, Foreign Checks, Stale-Dated Checks and Post-Dated Checks.

Check images are available for 90 days.

eStatements are available for 2 years.

Online banking
We use email to communicate with digital banking users. Please log in to digital banking and select My profile under Manage account. Under Personal Information, type your new email address in the Email section and click the Update button. You can also call us at 1-800-926-0003 and we'll make this change for you.

No. Your online account information is available only via secure access by using your username and password. The information is not public. Unless you share your password, no one else can access your account information online.

Click on each account suffix (i.e. Checking 9). This will display your account history. You can adjust the amount of history to display by changing the date range at the top of this page. Members who have elected to receive eStatements can access their account statements for even more history.

To review recent transactions, select your credit card from the My accounts page. For additional credit card information, under Manage account, select Manage my credit card.

To view or redeem your rewards, select Premium Perks under Additional services.

Cash back rewards will take at least 30 days to be deposited into your account. You can track the status of your rewards under Earned summary in Purchase Rewards.

When your reward status reads Received, the funds are on their way! Funds should be deposited into your account within the next few weeks once your reward shows received. If your reward shows failed, please contact us to further investigate the issue with your reward.

Check images are available for 90 days.
eStatements are available for 2 years.

To de-active text message banking, text “STOP” to the phone number 454545, using the phone activated on your account. You can also deactivate the service within online banking by selecting My Settings then Alerts & Notifications. 

Skip A Pay

Skip a Pay is a feature within Online Banking that allows you skip an eligible loan payment.

View our tutorial on Skip a Pay. Then log in to digital banking to get started.

You can skip any loan except for:

  • FFEL Student Loans
  • CU Student Choice Loans
  • First Mortgages
  • Home Equity Loans and Home Equity Lines of Credit
  • PowerLine Lines of Credit
  • Credit card payments

Only two months of payment(s) may be skipped per a 12-month period, with at least a 60-day span between any two Skip a Payments. Only six months of payment(s) may be skipped over the life of the loan.

There is a $35.00 processing fee per loan that cannot be added to the principal of your loan(s). By requesting to skip your loan payment(s), you are authorizing Clearview to automatically transfer the fee(s) from the account you’ve specified. The fee(s) transfer will occur immediately after receipt of your request to skip your loan payment. If funds for the $35.00 processing fee(s) for each loan are not in the indicated savings or checking account you select, your skip will not be set up.

Loans must be open for three months to be eligible for Skip a Pay.

Wire transfers
All requests must be received by 2:00 p.m. ET each weekday. Any requests received after that time will be processed on the next business day.
To send a wire you'll need to provide the following:
  • the name and address of your receiver
  • the account and ABA/routing number of your receiver
  • the receiving account type (mortgage, loan, checking, or savings)
  • the name and address of their financial institution
  • any special instructions
Yes, there is a $15 fee charged for both domestic and international incoming wire transfers.
There are no minimum dollar amounts for outgoing or incoming transfers.
Funds are generally received at the other financial institution within one to two business days.
“Clearview takes the time to understand the customer at a human level instead of as numbers on a paper.” William, Member since 2016
Learn More- Go to membership page
Learn More- Go to membership page
I've never had to change banks when I moved - Clearview moved right along with me. The people in the call center are just the best! Every call, in over 50 years, has been handled in a friendly, professional way. Who could ask for anything more? Bette, Member since 1968
Become a member- Become a member
Become a member- Become a member
I started using the Bill Pay service about a year ago and really love the convenience of paying several of my bills this way. Warren, Member since 1996
Learn more- Learn more about Bill Pay
Learn more- Learn more about Bill Pay