"I appreciate great personal service, but I'm all about the bottom line. I come to Clearview because their very friendly rates put more money in my pocket."
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Make more from your savings. Spend less on your loans.

As Pittsburgh sports fans know, a high score is usually good. But in some games, like golf, a low score is better. Clearview's rates follow a similar pattern. We offers high rates on savings, Money Market, and savings certificate accounts, which means your deposits earn more money. And we offer low rates on home equity lines, mortgages, and other loans, which means you'll spend less on interest charges. While any sports team has its ups and downs, our numbers always make you a winner.

Loan options that are miles ahead of the competition.

Spend less on a loan and more on nice things for your home.

Our rates give new meaning to “home sweet home.”

Our Mastercard options make life a little more affordable.

Affordable personal loans for practically every need.

You build up your balance and we'll add a bit more.