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"I can get it all done right now, from right here? Yes, sign me up."
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Our mobile banking app? It's free. All the time you save? It's priceless.

Whether you’re on the job, in the store, at the show, hitting the road, or chilling at home, your Clearview accounts are right there with you. Just download our free mobile banking app and you can easily use your smartphone or tablet to check balances, deposit checks, transfer money and much more, all in a matter of minutes.

Check Deposit

Check Deposit

Quickly and securely deposit checks on the go using our app and the camera on your smartphone.

Quick Balance

Quick Balance

Swipe down on the login page to view balances, recent transactions, plus credit card and loan highlights, all without logging in.

Location Finder

Location Finder

No need to login, tap Locations on the login page to find your nearest financial center, ATMs, and shared branch locations.

Money Management

Money Management

See your complete financial picture, including external accounts with our free budgeting tool, Money Management.



Send money to friends, family, and others you trust with Zelle®. All you need is the recipient's email or phone number.

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Still have questions about mobile banking?
The routing and transit number is used when you pay bills electronically. Our ABA bank transit number is 243083237.
Mobile Deposit is available to Clearview members that are over the age of 13 and are enrolled in digital banking with a valid email address.
Yes, business members who meet the requirements above are eligible for Mobile Deposit.
Within the app, select Check deposit to get started. If you're new to mobile deposit, you'll need to accept the terms and conditions. 
In order to use the Mobile Deposit Feature you will first have to update the Clearview App on your device to the most recent version. Once the most up-to-date version of Clearview's Mobile Banking App is on your device, the next time you log in using the App you will see a "Deposit Checks" option on your phone or a "Deposits" option on your iPad.
Properly endorse the check like you normally would, by signing the back of the check. Also, make sure you write "For Mobile Deposit Only" on the back of the check below your signature.
When taking the pictures you may receive one of the error messages listed below:

Folded or Torn Edges
Front Image not Legible
Amounts not Matching
Routing and Account Numbers Unclear
No Camera on Device
Image is too Dark
Access Denied
Restrictive Endorsement

Make sure you take both pictures in a well lit area on a contrasting background to avoid shadows and poor image quality. Also, make sure you keep your hands clear of the check while taking the pictures. This should help you avoid any of the errors above.
To de-active text message banking, text “STOP” to the phone number 454545, using the phone activated on your account. You can also deactivate the service within online banking by selecting My Settings then Alerts & Notifications. 
We recommend you keep the check in your personal files for 30 days. Securely store the paper check until you see the deposit on your statement. After 30 days, destroy/shred the check.
Our deposit limits for members ages 16 and older are $5,000 per day and $7,000 per rolling month. For members ages 13 through 15, our deposit limits are $1,250 a day and $2,500 per rolling month.
Yes, the following checks cannot be deposited through the Mobile Deposit service: Third Party Checks, Incomplete Checks, Non-Negotiable Items, Returned Checks, Altered Checks, Foreign Checks, Stale-Dated Checks and Post-Dated Checks.
Check images are available for 90 days.
eStatements are available for 2 years.

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