Surcharge-Free ATM Network

"Hey, it's my money. There's no reason I should have to pay a few bucks every time I want to get at it."
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Wherever you're going, your cash is close by.

Bellevue and Glenshaw, Allison Park and Hampton Township, and all over the city of Pittsburgh. No matter where daily life takes you, you're sure to find an ATM that gives you access to your Clearview accounts at no cost. And when you're traveling for pleasure or business, you can check balances, withdraw money, and make deposits at thousands of no-fee ATMs nationwide.
  • When looking for a surcharge-free ATM, watch for the CU$, CO-OP, Allpoint, Money Pass, and CU Here logos.
  • Use our Locator to find a list of surcharge-free ATMs near you.
  • All Clearview ATM transactions are always free and unlimited.
  • The first eight non-Clearview, in-network ATM transactions (inquiries, withdrawals, transfers, and/or deposits) per month are also free. After that, a $2 fee per transaction applies.
  • All non-Clearview, out-of-network ATM transactions cost $3 per transaction.
What's included?
  • Free ATMs all over the region
  • Access to nationwide networks
  • Easy-to-use locator for nearby ATMs