New look, same Clearview

We’re excited to reveal our new brand!

We're building an elevated Clearview.

Over the past year and a half, our team has been working on bringing a more modernized version of ourselves into being. We surveyed community partners, current members, and people who live in the greater Pittsburgh area in order to find out what they wanted out of a financial partner. We took that feedback and began working on building an elevated Clearview.

There’s a lot more info to come as we officially roll out our new brand. Here’s a starting point for why we began this process:

  • The financial services industry is evolving quickly. In order to grow and thrive, we knew we needed to stay relevant and ahead of our competitors.
  • In a digitally focused world, people have more options for financial services. We needed to ensure we stood out in a very busy landscape.
  • If we want to be a main player in the region, we needed an updated, future-thinking brand that speaks equitably to everyone.

We’ll be sharing more info in the coming months. In the meantime, here are some fundamental brand features you’ll see in our new financial centers.

Primary logo

This is our primary logo to be used across all of our communications. It conveys a clean and direct feeling. You'll notice that it only includes the word Clearview. Despite not being included in our logo, we're still a federal credit union.

Clearview's new logo

The Badge

The badge is the face of our logo. It's our most recognizable visual asset and has been constructed in a way that represents the building blocks we believe are key to a bright and sound financial future. 

  1. The Dream: The top tier represents the goals, dreams, and aspirations of a brighter future made possible working side-by-side with a trusted partner. 
  2. The Core: The middle represents the 360° guidance, trust, tools, and solutions Clearview provides to members and communities. 
  3. The Foundation: The base represents a strong, secure foundation that is rooted in our rich history and role in the community. 

badge breakdown

Color palette

Color plays an integral role in our visual language toolkit. It sets the tone for our communications with palette options that allow for everything from clean and professional, to bright and hopeful, to deep and thoughtful.

badge breakdown