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Clearview Live: The Video Teller Experience

In a continual effort to offer banking solutions that allow us to expand our services without jeopardizing personal member service, we are happy to introduce Clearview Live: The Video Teller Experience.  The Clearview brand of Video Teller Machines (VTMs) combines the face-to-face service of Clearview with the convenience of video chat and extended hours in our drive-up lanes.

What is a Video Teller Machine?
A Video Teller Machine looks like an ATM, but features video chat technology and offers almost as many functions as a teller in a branch, so you can do more without ever leaving your vehicle. They are staffed by our Personal Video Representatives located in our Personal Video Center in Wexford, Pa.  Our Representatives can communicate remotely with members at any location with Clearview Live, so you can complete transactions with face-to-face communication even after the branch has closed or before it has opened.

What is Clearview Live: The Video Teller Experience?
Clearview Live is our brand of Video Teller Machines. We thought it deserved a special name to make it all our own.

When is Clearview Live available?
Clearview Live is available during the following hours:  Monday – Friday 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Are the Personal Video Representatives employed by Clearview? 
Yes.  All Personal Video Representatives are Clearview employees. These new positions are additions to our normal staffing within the branches.

How does Clearview Live work?
It’s easy!  You simply touch the screen to get started, and one of the Personal Video Representatives will appear on the screen using video chat technology (just like you’ve seen on a mobile device or computer).  Your Personal Video Representative will have access to your machine and will assist you with your transaction.   

What transactions can I perform using Clearview Live?
Most transactions that you complete in a branch with a teller can be done with a Personal Video Representative.  You can deposit and cash checks, withdraw and deposit cash, and make loan payments and transfers between accounts.  Check and cash deposits don’t require an envelope, and there are no forms to fill out. 

What happens when I make a deposit or cash a check using Clearview Live?
Making a deposit or cashing a check with Clearview Live is easy.  And our Personal Video Representative will talk you through the transaction.  There are no envelopes needed; you simply insert the check or cash directly into the machine.  When you deposit cash, the machine reads and counts each bill, and then displays the deposit total on the screen for you to verify.  When cashing or depositing a check, an image of your check will appear on the screen.  You simply tell the Personal Video Representative whether you would like to cash the check or deposit it to one of your Clearview accounts.  Everything is displayed on the screen to ensure the accuracy of the transaction.  After your transaction is finalized, an image of the check will print on your receipt for your records.

Is Clearview Live the same as an ATM?
No, it’s much more. Clearview Live features personal, private conversations with our staff who can assist you with a wider variety of transactions than you could complete on your own at an ATM. Clearview will still have ATMs that can be used for standard transactions at all of our branches and a variety of other locations. Find a ATM or Financial Center location near you.

Is there a delay on my transactions when using Clearview Live?
No, your account will be updated in real time just as it would inside a branch or at a traditional drive-up. 

Will the same Personal Video Representative handle my transactions each time I use Clearview Live? Can I choose my Personal Video Representative?
You may not always see the same Personal Video Representative.  When you begin your session, you will be connected with the next available Representative who can assist you with your transactions.  This will help to shorten wait times and save time in your day.

Is my conversation with a Personal Video Representative private?
Yes.  You can see and hear each other using a video camera with built-in speaker.  Your conversation will be just as private as if you were talking through the speaker at a traditional drive-up lane.

Is there a fee to use Clearview Live?
There are no fees to use Clearview Live. It’s just another easy way to access your accounts.