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Frequently Asked Questions Absolute CheckingSM Checking Upgrade

Absolute CheckingSM Conversion FAQs

Why is Clearview making a change to their checking accounts?
We’re excited to upgrade our current checking options and offer Absolute CheckingSM, which provides even greater value for our members with its host of benefits designed to help protect your family and help your money do more.

Why is my checking account being automatically switched to Absolute CheckingSM?
In order to create a smooth transition as our previous account types are replaced, we’re happy to automatically upgrade your current checking account to an Absolute CheckingSM account, so you can enjoy even greater benefits and value. The Absolute CheckingSM account offers benefits that help better protect you and your family, save you money, and reward you for the purchases you make every day.

When will my current Clearview checking account become an Absolute CheckingSM account?
All member checking accounts will automatically convert on August 1, 2017. This will be a seamless transition during which your account number, debit card, recurring account transactions, Online Banking information, etc. will not change.

What benefits are available with my Absolute CheckingSM account?
With the new Absolute CheckingSM account, you’ll receive benefits that reward you for the purchases you make every day, save you money and provide you with added protection. 

Here are just a few of our favorites:

  • Cell Phone Protection of up to $300 of replacement or repair costs for the first three phones listed on your cell phone bill if your cell phone is stolen or damaged.* (Cellular telephone bill must be paid using eligible account) 
  • Identity theft protection for you and your eligible family members with IDProtect®.  This feature offers credit file monitoring, alerts when changes to your credit profile occur, ability to request a 3-in-1 credit report every 90 days, and even fraud expense reimbursement up to $10,000 to cover expenses associated with restoring your identity.*    
  • Debit AdvantageTM* offers buyer’s protection, which covers items for 90 days from the date of purchase against accidental breakage, fire or theft.  Extended Warranty extends the U.S. manufacturer’s original written warranty up to one full year on most new retail purchases if the warranty is less than five years. (Item(s) must be purchased entirely with eligible account)
  • Travel and Leisure Discounts include money-saving discounts from thousands of local and national businesses.
  • Debit Purchase Rewards provides cash back for shopping at popular retailers with your Clearview Debit Card.
  • $hopping Rewards™ provides access to exclusive offers and discounts at thousands of leading online retailers and when you shop online using the customized shopping portal you receive cash back to use towards future purchases or cash back can be sent to you as a check.  

These benefits — and more — are yours with Absolute CheckingSM. Some of them do require a no-fee registration and must be requested or activated.  Complete details and enrollment information are available in the notifications we mailed/will mail to you in June and July. 

What is eClub?
eClub provides benefits for added security, savings, and convenience that we bundled with Clearview’s convenient features to provide greater value with your Absolute CheckingSM account. To enroll and fully experience all the benefits that come with your Absolute CheckingSM account, you can access eClub starting August 1, 2017 via the ‘Absolute CheckingSM with eClub’ button in Clearview’s Online Banking. (Log in to Clearview’s Online Banking via the login box on the home page at, or if you aren’t yet enrolled in Online Banking, click the “New User” button in the login box.) You may also call 1-866-210-0361 for questions related to any of the benefits or for assistance with registration and activation starting August 1. You will need the Access Code listed on the mailed letter you'll receive from Clearview in July.

Why is there a monthly fee for my new checking account? 
Our premium checking account has always had a monthly service fee of $20 when the balance requirement was not met. We wanted a way to help more members experience the features of a premium account, so we created our Absolute CheckingSM account. We’ve added even more benefits and reduced the monthly fee to $5 ($2 for members age 25 and under), so we hope you’ll enjoy the added security and savings from features like Cell Phone Protection, IDProtect® (identity theft monitoring and resolution service), Travel & Leisure Discounts, $hopping RewardsTM and more.

Plus, after the upgrade, the monthly service charge can be avoided altogether based on the activity in the account. Maintain a $10,000 combined balance among all your Clearview deposits (savings, checking, IRAs and certificates), a $20,000 combined balance of your deposits and loans or deposit $5,000 or more in total direct deposits to your checking account during the month and the $5.00 monthly fee will be waived. If you are age 25 or younger, the $2.00 monthly fee will be waived. 

With all the enhanced features, I’m surprised the monthly service fee is only $5. This sounds too good to be true. How is this possible?
We’re excited, too!  The Absolute CheckingSM account offers great value for a minimal monthly service fee.  Many members will receive their Absolute CheckingSM account for free based on their relationship.  

When will the fee for my Absolute CheckingSM account be assessed?
The monthly service fee will be assessed on the last day of the month, which means you have until the last day of the month to meet any of the requirements for waiving the fee.

The account’s monthly service fee can be avoided with $5,000 or more in total direct deposits to my checking account during the month. Does that include deposits from my account’s Joint Owner?
Yes, all direct deposits from account owners and joint owners will count towards the $5,000 monthly minimum for waiving the fee.

I never received notification regarding this change. What do I have to do now?
Not a thing.  The member notifications sent in June and July provided information regarding the added value and new features available as a result of your automatic upgrade to the Absolute CheckingSM account on August 1. This will be a seamless transition and your account number, debit card, recurring account transactions, Online Banking information, etc. will not change.

Will I need a new debit card or checks? 
No. Your existing debit card and checks will work as usual, and your account number will remain the same. Members age 60 or older receive checks at no charge.

Will my account number change? 
No. The name of your checking account will change, but no changes will occur to your account number. You will continue to have the same account number, routing number, debit card, recurring account transactions, Online Banking information, etc.

Will I need to change my automatic payments? 
If, within your Online Banking, you have a scheduled transfer or Billpayer payment set up, those bill payments will continue without any changes. If you choose to move to a different checking account option, after August 1, 2017, your Billpayer payments will continue, but you will need to re-create any recurring payment set-ups within Online Banking. 

If you have an automatic transfer set up through your account (not within Online Banking), those payments will continue and not need to be reset, even if you move to a different checking account.

I’m approaching 26 years old…will I receive a notification before my 26th birthday that the fee for my account will soon change?
No, there will be no additional notification to members regarding the increase in the monthly service fee from $2 to $5 once they turn 26.  The provided Terms and Conditions disclosure will contain information regarding our fee schedule, which explains the monthly service fees. Many members will receive these enhanced features for free based on their relationship.

I’m a member/veteran of the U.S. military…do I receive any special benefits with my account?
After the checking transition, members who are considered active or retired military personnel will be eligible to use our coin counter machines in branches at no cost. If your military ID was previously noted on your Clearview account or if you had a military checking account, your coin counting fee will continue to be waived without interruption. If you’re a new member with a military ID, or if your military ID has never been added to your account details, feel free to review that with a representative in a Clearview branch to redeem or confirm that you will receive the benefit. 

When will my new Absolute CheckingSM account begin earning dividends?
Dividends are earned beginning on August 1, 2017 with the transition of the accounts and will be paid on the last day of the month. Minimum deposit amounts may apply. For details, see our Truth in Savings document, which was mailed to you along with information about your new account type.

I’m not sure if Absolute CheckingSM is the right account for me… can I switch to a free account?
If you have questions or concerns about the new Absolute CheckingSM account, feel free to call us at 1-800-926-0003, or stop by any branch to discuss your options. Other account types are available if you don’t think Absolute CheckingSM is right for you. 

* Special Insurance Program Notes: The descriptions herein are summaries only. They do not include all terms, conditions and exclusions of the policies described. Please refer to the actual policies for complete details of coverage and exclusions. Insurance is offered through the company named on the certificate of insurance. Guide to Benefit is enclosed.

IDProtect service is a personal identity theft protection service available to personal checking account owners, their joint account owners and their eligible family members. The service is available to non- publicly traded businesses and their business owner(s) listed on the account and their eligible family members (service not available to employees or authorized signers who are not owners). Service is not available to a "signer" on the account who is not an account owner. Service is not available to clubs, organizations and/or churches and their members, schools and their employees/students. For revocable grantor trusts, the service is available only when a grantor is serving as a trustee and covers the grantor trustee(s) and their eligible family members. For all other fiduciary accounts, the service covers the beneficiary, who must be the primary member, and their eligible family members (Fiduciary is not covered). Family includes: Spouse, persons qualifying as domestic partner, and children under 25 years of age and parent(s) of the account holder who are residents of the same household.

Registration/activation required.

Insurance Products are not insured by the NCUA or any Federal Government Agency; not a deposit of or guaranteed by the credit union or any credit union affiliate.