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EMV Chip Payment Technology

Everything You Need To Know About EMV Chip Payment Technology

Clearview has joined financial institutions all over the world in the switch to EMV Chip credit and debit cards. EMV (Europay, Mastercard® and Visa®) cards contain computer chips that authorize or validate payment card transactions. These cards provide increased security on personal information during transactions to prevent fraud.

The United States is one of the last countries to migrate to EMV chip technology. It may take some time for all of your favorite merchants to switch to EMV technology, but your spending will not be disrupted. Our new EMV cards will still contain a magnetic stripe, so merchants can adjust to the change. You’ll have the perfect solution for international travel and still be able to make online purchases as well.

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EMV Chip Cards: The Future of Payments

This inforgraphic from shows how EMV is changing the way payments are made across the globe.

How EMV Works:

This infographic from shows how you'll use your new EMV card to make payments at retailers.

For a list of frequently asked questions from EMV Connection regarding the switch to EMV cards, click here

You can also visit for more info regarding Visa® credit cards with EMV technology, or for more info regarding Mastercard debit cards with EMV technology.

Clearview has been at the forefront of EMV technology in the credit union industry, and we are currently in the process of reissuing our cards to include this security advancement. If you have questions about your new Clearview credit or debit cards with EMV chip technology, please call our Service Center Representatives at 1-800-926-0003.

We will continue to protect member information with the latest updates to all our products and services. You’re safe with us!