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Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers For Business Accounts

Money can be wired to or from Clearview so that you can conveniently obtain
funds anywhere.

When electronically wiring money to Clearview, please inform the financial institution from which the funds will be withdrawn of the following information:

Wiring Address:

Clearview Federal Credit Union
Moon Township, PA
ABA/Routing #243 083 237

Incoming Wires

  • $15.00 fee
  • ABA/Routing #243 083 237

Outgoing Wires

  • $25.00 fee

You Must Indicate:

  • Business Name
  • Business Account
  • If your financial institution requests the "short name," use Clearview FCU.

Please call the Business Services Dept. at 412-507-5174 for instructions on wiring to another financial institution.

The Credit Union will continue to process all domestic wires and ACH items, as well as incoming international wires for our members.