Clearview makes saving for the holidays or vacation easy - with our Club Accounts!

For everyone needing a little extra cash for the holidays or a vacation, our Christmas Club and Vacation Club are perfect for you. These accounts allow you to save little by little throughout the year for holiday or vacation expenses.

You can make deposits to your Christmas Club account throughout the year, and on October 1, the balance of the account will automatically be deposited into your Clearview Checking or Savings account.

The Vacation Club account is very similar, but you can transfer these funds to your Checking or Savings account at any time.

Both accounts automatically renew to help you start saving for the next year, and dividends1 are paid to each of these accounts.

Call 1-800-926-0003 or stop by any location to set up your Christmas or Vacation Club account.

1. Dividends will be paid quarterly, provided you maintain an average daily balance of $100.