Higher Rates. Better Savings. 30-Month Certificate 2.35% APY* or 20-Month Certificate 2.00% APY*

Savings Certificates

Our certificates are available in the following amounts and terms:

  • 3 and 6 month: $500 minimum deposit. The dividends will be paid at maturity and can be credited back to the certificate, deposited to another savings or checking account, or mailed to you in the form of a check.
  • 12 – 60 month: $1,000 minimum deposit. The dividends can be credited and compounded to the certificate quarterly, can be paid monthly and transferred into any savings or checking account, or be mailed to you in the form of a check.
  • Automatically renew at maturity unless you indicate otherwise. Early withdrawal penalties apply.
  • Rates change weekly, but you will lock into current rate when you open a certificate.
  • Jumbo certificates are available at various rates and terms. For current rate and disclosure information, contact us at 1-800-926-0003.

Bump Rate Certificate

Our 24 and 36 month certificates give you the option to increase your savings by “bumping” your rate once during the term if rates increase1.

Jumbo Bump Rate certificates are also available at 24 and 36 month terms. A minimum of $100,000 opening balance is required and must be opened with 50% new funds not on deposit with Clearview.

For more information on updated rates, click here.

Call us at 1-800-926-0003 or stop by any Financial Center for more information.

Flex Savings Certificate

This 12 month certificate is the perfect savings vehicle for short-term goals! 

  • $100 minimum initial deposit
  • Bonus rate: .10% over our current 12 month certificate rate
  • You can add $25 or more to the certificate at any time
  • Includes the same terms and conditions that apply to the standard 12 month certificate

1. During the term of a "Bump Rate Certificate," you have the option to make a one-time written or verbal request to adjust your interest rate without incurring a penalty. The "Bump" rate will remain in effect until the certificate maturity date. Certificates receiving special promotional rates do not qualify for the "Bump" rate feature. Minimum $1,000 opening balance required; must be opened with 50% new funds not on deposit with Clearview. Offer valid for 24 or 36 month Consumer Certificates and IRA Certificates only. After the Certificate matures, it will automatically renew at the current 24 or 36 month Certificate rate unless you indicate otherwise. Subject to penalty for early withdrawal.