Clearview's products are designed to make managing your finances simple and convenient. Our variety of Checking accounts, Savings accounts and Individual Retirement Accounts help you save for the future and spend safely on the things you need most right now. Take a look at some of our product options to find the best accounts for your lifestyle.

Checking Accounts

You want a checking account that’s easy to manage, works with your lifestyle, and provides more value. That’s why Clearview offers three outstanding checking account options. Find the right checking account for you. 

Savings & Certificates

To become a member of Clearview, all you need to do is open a Clearview Savings account with a $10 par value deposit. Since there are no stockholders, the members who save and borrow money at Clearview are the actual owners of the Credit Union.

In addition to our standard Clearview Savings account, we also offer a variety of savings products that help you earn more from your money. We realize how important it is for everyone to save for the future, so we provide options such as Savings Certificates, Christmas and Vacation Club accounts, Money Market accounts, Youth accounts, Health Savings accounts and more. Learn more about each savings account option, and start saving today!

Individual Retirement Accounts

An important part of saving includes preparing for retirement. Although it can be tempting to only think in the short term, it's never too early to start saving for retirement and you'll be glad you did. Preparation for retirement can include IRA Savings accounts and IRA Certificates. Learn more about each type of retirement saving option and be sure to visit Retirement Central®, a special site designed to help you plan for retirement through each new stage of life.