Make managing your account easier with Online Banking

Online Banking

Manage your accounts from any computer or tablet with internet access. 

  • Check your real-time account info 
  • Make transfers between your accounts
  • Review your loan history


View your statements online whenever you want! We’ll shoot you a reminder when your new statement is available, you’ll save money (and help us go green!), and your info will stay secure within Online Banking.

Not enrolled yet? Log in to Online Banking, make sure your email is up to date, then click “eStatements” under the Additional Services tab.


Bill Pay
Kiss those checks goodbye.

  • Sign up through Online Banking
  • Schedule payments in advance, or on a one-time basis
  • Track your payment history

Questions? Read our Bill Pay FAQ.


Transfer money directly from bank account to bank account.

Popmoney lets you send, request, and receive money for free from our Mobile App or Online Banking. The recipient doesn't even need a Popmoney account!

Questions? Read our Popmoney FAQ. You can also see the different functions of Popmoney Mobile compared to Popmoney in Online Banking.

Money Management

Money Management
View your complete financial picture all in one place.

  • View a breakdown of your transactions by category
  • Visualize your budget with "Bubble Budgets." The colors of the bubbles represent the status of your budget: green indicates you're within your limit, yellow means you’re approaching your limit, and red means you've gone over.
  • Set savings, debt, and retirement goals and visualize them on your goal timeline.
  • And more!

Check it out in Online Banking or in our Mobile App.

Shared Access

Shared Access
Give other people access to your account.

Shared Access can be useful for helping aging parents keep track of their finances, working with kids in college to ensure they’re being financially responsible, or giving a business partner, coworker, or assistant access to your business account.

You can give others access to one, multiple, or all accounts in Online Banking, all while controlling how each account can be used by the other person. To set it up, click on the "Additional Services" tab in Online Banking, then click "Shared Access."

From there, you can click the "Add Person" button to give someone access. You'll need their name, phone number, and email address. Once the other person is set up, a User ID will be auto-generated and emailed to them.

Questions? View our Shared Access FAQ.

Purchase Rewards
From Online Banking, you can also access Purchase Rewards in the Get Cash Back section. View your cash back offers from some of your favorite retailers! All you have to do is click on the offer(s) you’d like to activate on your debit card. Once you shop at the selected retailers, the cash will automatically be deposited into your checking account each month for the rewards you earned during the previous month!

There's more where that came from! Log in by clicking the box in the upper left corner of the screen. Want even more access while you're on the go? Download our mobile app!

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