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Identity theft has become an unfortunate fact of life in our society, and as one might expect, financial institutions and their members are natural targets. While Clearview on its own cannot directly prevent attempts at identity theft, we have always taken steps to protect our members and their assets from such activities. From security on our network and home banking systems to educating our members about the dangers and necessary precautions, Clearview provides a safe and secure environment for your financial experience. Continue reading for information on various types of fraudulent activity, as well as links to other educational resources.

Members with Absolute CheckingSM have access to thorough identity theft protection by signing up for eClub either through our app or Online Banking. You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that we are watching out for any credit-related activity on your account and will notify you if anything out of the ordinary is detected.

Spam & Phishing

During phishing (pronounced "fishing") scams, cybercriminals pose as legitimate companies to bait consumers into sharing confidential financial information, such as account numbers, credit card numbers, billing/routing numbers and Social Security numbers. If you receive one of these messages, always delete the message without responding to it or opening any links.

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Credit & Debit Card Fraud

Card fraud has become a regular story in the news lately, and unfortunately it doesn't seem to be on the decline yet. Many popular retailers have become victim to hackers who break into their computer systems and steal payment information from shoppers. Although we cannot stop these hackers from targeting your favorite retailers, we will continue to monitor your accounts daily for unusual activity and notify you if we receive your name on a list of compromised cardholders.

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ATM Fraud

Your information can be stolen right from the ATM when someone attaches a magnetic strip called a "skimmer" over the slot where you insert your card. The skimmer steals your information, so the user can create an identical card and spend your money as their own. While we monitor our Clearview ATMs with security cameras and frequent checkups, not every ATM you encounter may be as heavily guarded and could put you at risk.

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*This is not an exhaustive list of fraud methods and unfortunately new tricks are created all the time, but we will be here to protect you if you are affected by any form of identity theft. Protecting your accounts is a top priority for Clearview, and we will continue to monitor your information in every way possible.

If you haven't done so already, please make sure that Clearview has your current email address on file. That way if we uncover any scams affecting your accounts, we can easily alert you and take proper action.

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Click here to view and/or download our fraud alert checklist. Review it when you encounter a suspicious payment request, email or other communication before taking any action.