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Contact Clearview Before You Travel

If you are making plans that involve travel or vacation time away from your current place of residence, Clearview encourages you to contact us before you depart on your trip. By informing us that you will be traveling, Clearview can notate your debit and credit cards, just in case you need assistance from us while away from home. Notating your cards also helps Clearview monitor your accounts in the event of fraudulent activity that you might not be aware of while traveling. 

As you are making travel plans, please be sure to:

  • Contact Clearview at 1-800-926-0003 prior to your departure with the dates, and cities you will be traveling to so we can notate your cards for travel.
  • Take more than one form of payment ie; Mastercard®, Visa®, etc.
  • Make sure you have a PIN (Personal Identification Numbers) set up on all cards you will be taking with you, (especially if you are travelling internationally), as you will be asked for a PIN number if using your card outside of the U.S.
  • To set up a PIN: 
    • For Visa call:  1-888-886-0083
    • For Debit call:  1- 866-985-2273