Lending Center - Loan Protection

Taking out a loan means one of your dreams is about to come true, like a new car, boat or home improvement. But what happens to your dream when the unexpected hits? How can you make sure your family won't shoulder the financial burden of making loan payments when you can't?

Clearview offers Borrower Security, a selection of voluntary loan protection products designed to protect members and their families. Each of these products can provide peace of mind if the unexpected strikes.

Loss of Life - Cancels your loan balances up to $100,000 should you die before paying off your loan. Protect your family from inheriting your debt by purchasing loss of life protection.

Disability - Cancels your monthly loan payments up to the agreement maximum if you are unable to work due to illness or injury. Consider adding disability protection to your loans.

Involuntary Unemployment - Cancels your monthly loan payment up to the agreement maximum, if you become involuntarily unemployed. Consider how involuntary unemployment protection could protect you during a layoff.

Clearview offers five Borrower Security package options, with Life and Disability being offered individually.

  • Comprehensive - loss of life, disability and involuntary unemployment
  • Standard - disability and involuntary unemployment
  • Full - loss of life and disability
  • Basic Disability
  • Basic Life

GAP Insurance

If your vehicle were stolen or damaged beyond repair, you would be liable to pay the difference between your insurance settlement (the value of the vehicle) and your outstanding loan balance. For a very small cost, GAP insurance will cover that difference. GAP insurance is only available on Auto Loans.

* First Mortgages are not included. Other restrictions may apply.