Personal Lending

Personal Lending

We have money to lend, and we know you need it for more than just new homes and vehicles. That’s why we offer a variety of personal loans, so you can choose what’s right for you right now.

Secured Loan

Our Secured Loans are here to help when you need to rebuild your credit or make a purchase without draining your savings. With a variety of rates and terms, you can choose what works best for easy personal budgeting.

Signature Loan

Available in 36- and 60-month terms, our Signature Loan can help when you need some extra cash for vacation, new appliances or unexpected expenses.

Consolidation Loan

Consolidate all your debt with one low rate on a Clearview Consolidation loan. You can simplify billing by combining everything into one low payment and reducing your debt over time.

PowerLine Line of Credit

Clearview's PowerLine Line of Credit provides you with an unsecured, variable-rate line of credit, which can be used to pay for anything, anytime. You can use your PowerLine to pay for everyday expenses, as an emergency fund or for overdraft protection on your Clearview Checking Account. PowerLine rates are based on your credit performance and are reviewed on an annual basis.

Better Choice Loan - Payday Loan Alternative

Our Better Choice Loan offers several advantages to loans offered at payday lending institutions. You can receive your funds quickly to pay for those unexpected or emergency costs, such as doctor bills, car repairs, rental deposits and childcare expenses.

We also offer convenient repayment options, including payroll deduction and automatic transfers. You can rest easy knowing we provide Borrower Security and voluntary protection products that may include loss of life, disability, and involuntary unemployment coverage.

These protection options are available on most loans for just pennies a day.