Business Services

As a business owner, you want to provide great service to your customers, and our Business Services are here to save you time, so you can do just that. From Online Banking, Mobile Banking and Cash Management to Merchant Services and Sweep Accounts, we've got you covered.

Online and Mobile Banking

Business members have the same access to Online Banking as every Clearview member. Online Banking is our free online service that allows you to efficiently manage your accounts 24/7 from any computer with Internet access. From Savings to Loan, you can keep track of it all. Click here to learn more!

Merchant Services

CardConnect (formerly known as Financial Transaction Services) offers a payment solution for all types of businesses from retail, restaurants and hotels to C-store/petroleum and e-Commerce establishments. They will review your processing needs and offer you the best and most cost-effective solution for payment processing in your business.

Business Sweep Accounts

A Business Sweep Account allows your excess balances to be invested into dividend earning dollars, while still providing liquidity. Each night your excess funds will be swept to an account that pays dividends automatically. You will receive a monthly statement detailing the transaction activity, the rate paid and the amount of dividends earned. It is automatic, easy and lets you make the most of your money.

Click here to learn more about our Cash Management Suite.