Business Lending

Maintaining and expanding your business often requires extra funding, and Clearview is here to help. We offer a variety of options from term loans and lines of credit to construction loans and SBA loans, so you're prepared for every stage of growth. With our low rates and low or no fees, you can use your money to build the company you've always imagined.

Our business lending options include the following:

Ideal for businesses that plan to expand their facilities, purchase new equipment, finance acquisitions, refinance debt or purchase fixed assets.

  • Competitive fixed  or variable interest rates
  • Terms up to 10 years (longer if secured by real estate)
  • Manageable fixed monthly payments
  • Can be secured or unsecured
  • Collateral can be liquid assets, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds and certificates, real estate, titled equipment and vehicles or business assets such as inventory, receivables, furniture, fixtures and equipment. 

Ideal for businesses in need of working capital. Businesses can borrow, repay and borrow again up to the maximum credit balance, until the expiration date of the line.

  • Variable interest rate tied to Prime
  • Use as needed
  • Can borrow as often as you wish, up to a pre-established limit
  • Interest is billed monthly based on usage
  • Can be unsecured or secured by short-term assets
  • Payable on demand, but renewed annually
  • May contain 30-day clean-up provision or revolve up and down seasonally 

Perfect for businesses needing to fund new construction or expand physical facilities. This loan is similar in terms to a commercial real estate loan, but with different down payment criteria and an interest-only construction period of 6 to 18 months.

For purchase, improvement, expansion or refinance of commercial real estate such as: 1-4 family investment property, multi-family or office buildings, manufacturing or industrial facilities, retail buildings or strip malls.

  • Terms up to 15 years with amortization to 20 years
  • Fixed or variable rates
  • Typically 80% loan-to-value maximum loan
  • Property serves as full or partial collateral 

Financing vehicle that essentially substitutes our credit strength for your company's. Issued to third parties on behalf of your company to guarantee performance, ensure payment to suppliers or to bond payments.

  • Annual fee of 1-2%
  • Typically one year with either a specific maturity or automatic renewal 

For businesses with short-term needs. This loan does not have a fixed maturity date or scheduled principal amortization and can be terminated anytime by the borrower or the Credit Union.