Teacher and Nurse Week

Clearview employees were asked to nominate teachers and nurses who have helped them, their families or their communities enjoy a better life. 

Recognizing Our Teachers and Nurses

We know that teachers and nurses have had to deal with a lot in the past year. We wanted to make sure that our employees were able to recognize a local teacher or nurse who has impacted their lives during this time. Nominees were presented with a gift card for coffee on Clearview. Here are their stories.
Teacher and Nurses Week
Julie B., Teacher

"Mrs. B has been a wonderful teacher using the cyber program! It must be so hard without the kids in the classroom but she is doing a wonderful job!"

 Nominated by Symone C.
Teacher and Nurses Week
Ashley K., Nurse

"Ashley works several 12-hour, overnight shifts weekly as a nurse's aide, while also attending Nursing School. She rotates to various departments throughout the hospital to the areas that are in need of additional assistance. She always gives 110%+ to supporting the nurses and staff she works with, and I know has made a positive difference in the hospital stays for many of her patients. "

 Nominated by Denise K.
Teacher and Nurses Week
Kirsten K., Teacher

"Mrs. K came to 2nd grade last year after the teacher left. Once the pandemic hit, she showed great support and professionalism to both the students and the parents thru the virtual learning. This year she continued to support these same students during the maternity leaves of both of their homeroom teachers. She took this extended knowledge and really helped her students to succeed in such an unstable educational time."

 Nominated by Tracey F.
Teacher and Nurses Week
Krystin K., Teacher

"Krystin is an elementary school teacher. She goes above and beyond for her kids whether helping them in the class, encouraging them to be the best they can be or when she is attending their games, or dance or gymnastic events outside of school hours."

 Nominated by Diane B.
Teacher and Nurses Week
Brooklin M., Teacher

"Brooklin is a wonderful teacher who works with kids with disabilities, such as autism and allows them the opportunity to remain in class with their friends and not feel excluded!"

 Nominated by Sara D.
Teacher and Nurses Week
Carrie M., Nurse

"She worked thru the pandemic even though she had some health issues of her own."

 Nominated by John B.
Teacher and Nurses Week
Dan O., Teacher

"Dan’s dedication to helping his students is admirable. Whether he’s teaching them in the classroom, or coaching them on the football field, he’s always focused on their education and success. He is a great mentor and teacher to his students!"

 Nominated by Brittany O.
Teacher and Nurses Week Image
Pam S., Teacher

"Pam is a special education teacher, her patience love and dedication to the kids in the entire school is bar none. She harnesses the kids interests and allows them to use their love of something in their everyday life, helping them learn the life skills they need to succeed. She is even there for the parents anytime. Even just to talk and help them gain perspective or vent. She is truly one of a kind and a solid foundation to the school district."

 Nominated by Jennifer H.
Dan C., Teacher

"He served in the Armed Forces (Air National Guard 171st Air refueling Wing) after 22 years of service he retired and now teaches ROTC to give back to young people in his community."

 Nominated by Karen P.
Erica C., Teacher

"I chose to nominate Erica for National Teacher Appreciation Week, because her dedication to helping students with Special Needs does not go unnoticed. She takes the time to make special projects to help these students grow both in and out of the classroom!"

 Nominated by Liz C.
Joy G., Teacher

"Joy is a 6th grade math teacher. Joy is very involved in the community, including the school's food drive. Joy is well known in the community and is always willing to help wherever needed. She is an excellent teacher and has 4 children of her own. Joy brings "joy" to everyone around her!"

 Nominated by Kim H.
John J., Nurse

"John always without hesitation puts others first and is passionate about what he does and his patients. He also gives back to his community any chance he can. He volunteers countless hours and enjoys giving back."

 Nominated by Ryan S.
Sharon K., Teacher

"She is an amazing teacher - and this is her second career in life. 9/11 made her have to adapt for her family after being a Flight Attendant for a majority of her life. She went back to school, got her Masters and is a dedicated teacher who wants nothing but the best education for her students so they thrive in this crazy world we live in."

 Nominated by Heidi H.
Bridget M., Nurse

"When my father was in the hospital for his leg amputation, I walked in to visit him and there she was, a friend of my husband's and a familiar face in my neighborhood. She kept me informed, texted me to check on me and took really great care of my dad."

 Nominated by Lisa F.
Krista M., Nurse

"Krista who does Nurse Anesthesia was on the frontline during the pandemic and helping patients while being pregnant with twins. She is so caring. Her patients care was her top priority. She took great care of herself and delivered two healthy babies in June of 2020."

 Nominated by Jerri A.
Michelle P., Nurse

"Michelle was on a COVID wing at the height of the pandemic. During a time of crisis she worked in multiple roles to ensure that staff and patients needs were met. Her care for her patients, never waivers."

 Nominated by Erin F.
Mary Y., Teacher

"My daughter's teacher has been amazing during online school. She is so patient and has kept her sense of humor. In addition to school itself, she runs PTA night and is always trying to keep the kids and parents engaged."

 Nominated by Amanda K.
Kelly, Lynn, and Amanda, Teachers

"So happy to nominate the special needs teacher group. Kelly, Lynn and Amanda are kind and dedicated to the students in their classroom. They come up with inventive ways to reach learners with varying abilities. Always with a smile!"

 Nominated by Sophia T.