Premium World® Mastercard®

"Cash back or other rewards? That's a hard call. How about a card that offers both?"
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The rewards card that treats you right from the very start, and then never stops.

They say first impressions are important. So we want our Pittsburgh-area friends with a Premium World® Mastercard® to feel appreciated from day one. It all starts with the chance to earn $150 cash back! After that? Things get even better. With every purchase, you pile up more points you can redeem for cash back, merchandise, or more favorable terms on Clearview loans or certificate accounts.  
  • Earn $150 when you spend $1,500 in the first 90 days1
  • Earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, every day
  • Or earn 2 points per dollar on every purchase when you redeem for travel, loan rate discounts, certificate rate increases, and merchandise
  • No annual fee or foreign transaction fees
  • Instant issue cards available at select locations 

Earn Bonus Points with your Premium World® Mastercard®

Your rewards card just got even more rewarding. Earn bonus relationship points if you spend $5,000 or more on your card per year. Here's how you earn:
  • 200 points for having an Absolute Checking® account
  • 100 points for every $10,000 you have in savings and loans solutions
  • 1,000 points maximum per month, in addition to the points you earn based on your everyday spending
  • No spend requirement to earn the bonus relationship points2 in the first calendar year you have the card

Redeem points for cash back, travel, merch, and more through the CURewards® portal in Online Banking. Interested in buying down a loan rate or increasing a certificate rate? Call 1-800-926-0003 or stop by your local financial center to get your customized solution.

What's included?
15.49% APR*
Hold the line on interest with our Premium World® Mastercard® rate.
*Rates as low as
View ratesopens the credit card rates page

Credit Cards 101

What is a credit card?

A credit card, like our Premium World® Mastercard®, is a line of credit in which you borrow funds from a lender with the understanding that you’ll pay these funds back under agreed upon terms. Credit limit, the annual percentage rate, also referred to as APR, and other fees are included in these terms. You’ll need a make a regular, minimum payment to the account when you use your credit card to make purchases. The minimum payment is calculated by a percentage of your total balance and is set by your lender. When it’s possible, you should aim to pay your balance off each month to avoid paying interest and other fees. 

How does credit card interest work?

The amount a lender charges a cardholder when making purchases with their credit card is known as credit card interest. Interest is generally set at an annual rate which is also known as the annual percentage rate (APR). Lenders use APR to calculate the interest a cardholder is charged daily for purchases as well as the total balance.

How does a credit card affect my credit score?

Credit cards can greatly impact your credit score. By making regular payments on time each month, even the minimum amount due, your credit score will grow over time. While paying off your credit card every month is a great goal, it may not always be possible.  But it’s generally recommended to keep credit use under 30% of your total credit limit. So if you’re regularly carrying a high balance, not only may it make paying your card down more difficult, it could end up hurting your credit score.
1 The primary cardholder will earn 20,000 points ($150 cash value) after spending $1,500 on the Premium World® card within the first 90 days from the account open date. Once the requirements have been met, the points will post to the account at the next cycle date. Clearview Platinum, Student, and Business cards are excluded. Offer may be extended, modified, or discontinued at any time.

2 Bonus points are automatically granted to new cardholders in January of the following year after they receive their card. Points can subsequently be earned after spending $5,000 or more on your card within one calendar year. Points can be earned by having an Absolute Checking® account or having at least $10,000 in savings or loans at Clearview. 1,000 point maximum available per month.

Points program is subject to change without notice. A minimum credit line of $10,000 is required in order to qualify for the Premium World® card.

For more information on Mastercard benefits, read the Guide to Benefits.
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Still have questions about Premium World® Mastercard®?
If you're traveling internationally please take the following steps:
  • Set travel notifications for your debit and credit card(s) from our Card Defense® app. Within Card Defense®, tap on your card then select Travel Notifications. If you have multiple cards, you'll have to set the notification for each card individually. You can also contact us 1-800-926-0003 prior to your departure with the dates and cities you’ll be traveling to so we can notate your cards for travel. We recommend taking more than one form of payment with you when you travel.
  • You'll be asked for a PIN number if you're using your card outside of the U.S., so make sure you have a PIN set up on all cards you'll be taking with you. To set up a PIN for credit cards, call 1-866-576-1342, for debit cards, call 1-866-985-2273.
We use email to communicate with digital banking users. Please log in to digital banking and select My profile under Manage account. Under Personal Information, type your new email address in the Email section and click the Update button. You can also call us at 1-800-926-0003 and we'll make this change for you.
Protect yourself by registering for real-time text fraud alerts for your Clearview credit and debit cards. Once registered, you'll receive a text and/or pre-recorded voice call when there's a suspicious transaction on your card.
Register today. It only takes a few minutes!

You can get a new credit or debit card printed on the spot at some of our financial centers for the following reasons:

  • When your card is lost or stolen
  • When your card is damaged
  • When you open a new checking account at a financial center

Visit our location pages to see which financial centers offer instant issue credit and debit cards.

To review recent transactions, select your credit card from the My accounts page. For additional credit card information, under Manage account, select Manage my credit card.
Call our Care Center at 1-800-926-0003 to make your payment from your debit card or checking account at another financial institution to your Clearview loan or credit card. There's a service fee per transaction. You can avoid this fee by making a payment within digital banking. Learn more about your repayment options.
If you're unable to use any other methods to make a payment to your loan or credit card, please send payments to the following addresses:
  • Credit cards: Clearview Federal Credit Union, PO Box 71050, Charlotte, NC 28272-1050
  • Loan or deposit address: Clearview Federal Credit Union, ATTN: Payment Processing, 8805 University Blvd, Moon Twp, PA 15108-2580. 
You can also make a one-time payment to your loan without logging in to digital banking using our Make a Payment Portal. There's a service fee per transaction. We have payment options in digital banking where you can avoid a fee. Business loans, Midwest mortgages, and credit cards cannot be performed through this payment channel. Learn more about your repayment options.


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