Savings Accounts

Clearview offers a choice of accounts that pay attractive dividends so you can afford what you need, buy what you want, and enjoy life to the fullest.
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It's time to make a down payment on a better tomorrow. 

Put your money to work with an account that opens the door to everything Clearview offers.

Set up a separate savings plan for those special things you want to buy for yourself or your family.

Open Christmas Club and Vacation Club accounts, make regular deposits and save enough to pay for some truly memorable occasions.

Set aside money for all kinds of medical needs, so when the time comes, you can focus on getting better and not on paying the bills.

For no cost, we'll ask some questions about your finances, look at your credit report, and offer financial advice. 

“When I needed advice and assistance, Clearview was there for me.” Victor, Member since 2014
Learn more- go to membership page
Learn more- go to membership page