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Relieving Some of Your Financial Stress

Finances are stressful. Let us help!

A survey conducted by Bankrate in April 2023 found that 52% of respondents cited money as taking the biggest toll on their mental health. Managing your money matters can certainly bring financial stress. Finding a way to alleviate that stress, however, can make things even more difficult.

In this blog article, we’ll review a few Clearview tools and resources that can help you relieve some financial stress and set you up for success!

1. Managing your money with Money Management

Building and sticking to a budget can be one of the most stressful things we face each and every day. Having a budget allows you to track your income and expenses, and ultimately identifies where you can cut back on unnecessary spending.  However, the unexpected can and will happen, which will derail you from your budget plans. If you need assistance to stay on target, try our free budgeting tool, Money Management.

2. Discover how to make it automatic with Digital Academy

Now more than ever, our lives are made easier thanks to the development of various digital tools. Adopting a digital-first mentality is not only convenient for those on the go, it can also make understanding and managing your money easier.

Our Digital Academy offers quick tutorials to learn how to use some of our most popular digital banking services. Learn how to enroll in eStatements, make a mobile deposit, set up withdrawal alerts, and much more. We suggest trying a “pay yourself first” approach by scheduling a recurring transfer, which allows you to automate the process of moving money into your savings account.

3. Continue your financial education with Zogo

Managing your money can come along with a lifetime learning curve. You’ll experience different stressful financial situations, such as going to college and experiencing student loans, buying a home and managing a mortgage, and preparing to save for retirement. Our financial literacy app, Zogo, can guide you through any of these topics and so much more.

4. Still feeling the financial stress? Get free counseling with GreenPath

No one starts off their financial journey as an expert! If you need some extra help, we can connect you to friendly professionals who can provide you with guidance. We’ve partnered with trusted national non-profit GreenPath Financial Wellness to offer personalized counseling, guidance, and educational services on topics such as, debt management, credit reports, student loans, and more.

If you’re in doubt, don’t forget that you can always connect with us! No matter your level of financial stress, we’re here to be your financial partner through it all. You can connect with us at your convenience using Clearview Live®, chat with Claire on our website or in digital banking, or even stop by one of our locations.  

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