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It’s Crunch Time for Holiday Shopping

Save on your holiday shopping list with these tips and tricks!

Maybe you didn’t save as much throughout the year as you wanted to. Maybe you saved, but things are more expensive this year. We get it. Today’s financial environment has been a difficult one to navigate. In general, balancing holiday shopping and saving money is a time consuming, costly, and sometimes hard to traverse. Not to mention, we face this monumental challenge every single year.

Luckily, we're here to give you some shopping tips on how to save money this holiday season and all the ones to come.

Stick to your budget

Creating a budget is one thing, but sticking to a budget is whole different challenge. It’s recommended to research the items on your list prior to actually holiday shopping in order to help you develop a budget. This will avoid sticker shock as you’ll have an idea what each item will cost. You can also determine if you’re getting a good deal on a specific item as you do cost comparisons.

National Free Shipping Day

Not all gifts need to come on Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve. Many retailers participate in National Free Shipping Day, a one-day event that occurs in mid-December. This is a great day to take care of your last-minute holiday shopping while saving on shipping fees. In most cases, retailers will guarantee that these purchases are delivered before the big day!

Look beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Sure, the sales you may see on one-day shopping events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday may sound appealing. But those days aren’t the only time to find blockbuster deals. Many retailers may offer other sales during the holiday season that are just as good or maybe even better! Following your favorite retailers on social media or regularly visiting their website is a great way to discover these deals.

Consider homemade/handcrafted gifts

Think beyond the four corners of a department store and consider homemade and handcrafted gifts instead. Nothing screams the joy of giving like a gift that’s personal and one of a kind. Pinterest is a great resource to find, learn, and create a memorable gift for a loved one.

Holiday giving doesn’t have to be monetary

You don’t always need to spend money to spread holiday cheer! If you have a tight budget, consider volunteering your time to your favorite charity. Want to know how much your time can make an impact? According to Independent Sector, the value of a volunteer hour is estimated to be $31.80, showing how valuable and significant volunteer contributions are for local charitable organizations. Now that’s a win-win!

Prepare for next year’s holiday shopping season

Clearview has solutions to help you save! Our Christmas Club account, for example, is set up specifically for those earmarked holiday savings. All you have to do is make regular deposits (through automatic transfers or payroll deduction) and your balance is transferred to your Clearview checking account on October 1 — right on time for holiday shopping season!

Saving money while doing your holiday shopping is easier than you may think! Following a few simple shopping tips and tricks like taking advantage of free shipping or creating a gift with your two hands can help you save cash during this otherwise expensive time of year.

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