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Wedding Insurance Explained

We'll give you the details on why you could use wedding insurance.

No matter how responsible and organized you are, there are still elements beyond your control. Take the elements, for example. What if your reception hall has water damage from a storm? What if hail cancels your dad’s flight and you have to book him on an alternative one that costs twice the price? While your romance may be written in the stars, there are instances where the stars may not align. This is where wedding insurance can help:
  • Severe weather conditions
  • Technical/equipment failures, power outages
  • Property damage or closure
  • Injury, illness, death
  • Family emergencies
  • Employee resignation, strikes
  • Military deployment – may or may not be covered under a basic policy
  • Social unrest, terrorist threats, a global pandemic or its variants
It takes a village to make a wedding. Your wedding will require the expertise and services of many vendors. It’s likely that you will contract with all of the following:
  • Printer
  • Special attire manufacturer/renter
  • Seamstress/tailor
  • Hair stylist
  • Jeweler
  • Travel agent
  • Limousine service
  • Caterer
  • Baker
  • Florist
  • Photographer/videographer
  • DJ, vocalists/organist
  • Marriage officiant
Now, consider this: Any one of your vendors could be affected by any one of the issues on the prior list. Honestly, this is not a ploy to encourage you to elope! Most couples just get busy planning and never consider the “what ifs.” No one wants to think about what could go wrong during such a thrilling and special time. Having wedding insurance can protect your upfront investments if one of these unfortunate events does happen. It will enable you to be reimbursed for deposits, gift theft, postponements, or even an event restaging.

Types of coverage

Your policy can be as unique as your relationship. What is covered will depend on the type(s) and amount of insurance you purchase. There are two types of wedding insurance:
  • Liability Insurance — Just like it sounds, it protects you from being held liable for accidents or injuries that occur during your wedding or reception, even if the incident is caused by an intoxicated guest. Certain venues require you to obtain liability insurance, if they don’t have their own coverage. You may hear about Social Host Liability Laws. In some states, the host can be held liable if their guests become intoxicated at your event and then go on to cause property damage or injury to another person. While there is no such law in Pennsylvania, legal precedents have been set limiting liability to social hosts who “knowingly furnish” alcoholic beverages to those under 21 years of age. The first violation is punishable by a $1,000 fine and potentially six months in jail.
  • Cancellation Insurance — Also as it sounds, it protects you if your wedding is cancelled due to circumstances beyond your control and provides reimbursement of what you’ve already invested. Please note, changing your mind and choosing to not get married is not covered.

Ask before you buy

Before you (or your parents, if they’re paying for your wedding) purchase any insurance, ask each of your vendors if they have their own coverage. There’s no need to spend money on redundant coverage(s).
These items may require additional riders to be covered. Again, always ask and know the details of your policy.
  • Beyond the wedding — Events such as a wedding shower, rehearsal dinner — and even your reception — may not be covered unless they are specifically added to your policy.
  • Fragile items — Cake and flowers may not travel well.
  • Jewelry —This covers wedding-specific jewelry that is lost, damaged, or stolen. Your engagement ring is typically not included, but some providers may be willing to add it.
  • Printing services — If your invitations have a typo or your place cards don’t arrive on time, you may want a backup to be covered.
  • Photos and videos — If your captured moments are lost, stolen, or damaged, some policies will cover restaging costs to redocument your wedding.
  • Stolen gifts — This can cover gifts delivered to your reception or your home.

How much does it cost?

Generally speaking, the cost of a wedding insurance policy can range from $100 to $500, depending on your deductible and the additional coverages you select. Considering all possible scenarios, the cost of wedding insurance is quite reasonable.
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