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Lisa Florian’s Inaugural Year as Clearview’s First Female CEO

Leading Clearview Federal Credit Union into a new era of growth and innovation

2023 was a transformative year for Clearview Federal Credit Union under the stewardship of President & CEO Lisa Florian. Her journey at Clearview is marked by a commitment to resilience and excellence that is evident from her various roles within the credit union, spanning from Assistant Vice President of Strategic Research and Analysis, to Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Member Experience and Marketing, and Senior Vice President of Member Experience, Digital Strategy and Marketing. Her diverse experience at Clearview combined with her overall 25 years of financial services experience has uniquely positioned her to lead Clearview into a new era of growth and innovation.

Organizational realignment and strategic expansion

Once her transition to CEO was complete in April 2023, Lisa hit the ground running. One of her first acts was to begin the process of an organizational realignment to prioritize focus on Clearview’s strategic initiatives and ongoing growth. Clearview's Executive Leadership Team is now comprised of Chief Officers, each leading a specific line of business within the credit union.

In an era where bigger banks were closing the doors to their local branches, Clearview did the opposite. Work quickly began on strategically expanding the organization’s regional footprint with member accessibility top of mind. Three new financial centers were announced in Pleasant Hills, Ross Township, and Cranberry, putting Clearview within reach of even more people in the greater Pittsburgh region. Expansion didn’t end there. By the fall, the NCUA had approved a merger between Clearview and Parkview Community Federal Credit Union. With PCFCU member approval at the beginning of 2024, Clearview was poised to welcome all PCFCU members as their own in July 2024.

Merger and continued growth

All of this organizational growth was vital. Lisa understood that as the region’s largest credit union, Clearview could not simply stay in its original lane. The organization needed to remain nimble in order to continue to thrive in Pittsburgh’s saturated financial services market. The future of the organization depended on strategic growth and a renewed sense of purpose. That meant going beyond the physical expansion – Clearview needed to rebrand.

Embracing change: The Clearview rebrand

Clearview had looked, acted, and sounded largely the same since 2004 when we expanded our footprint, renamed, and became a community-chartered credit union. Some improvements had been rolled out within the past 5 years with a focus on marketing automation and purposeful creative efforts, but the organization needed to take it one step further. In Lisa's previous role, she took charge in spearheading initial conversations about a company-wide rebrand. For the last two years, these initial talks translated into engagement with trusted partners, members, and residents of the greater Pittsburgh region to define the direction of our new corporate identity. In January 2024, we formally ushered in the new and refreshed Clearview era. Our new brand identity is a reflection of our loyal commitment to serving members and providing the financial resources needed to thrive, while simultaneously presenting a future-forward brand that builds recognition across the financial sector.

Community engagement and leadership beyond banking

Beyond her professional endeavors, Lisa Florian is a stalwart advocate for community engagement. Currently serving on the West Jefferson Hills Foundation for Education Board, the strategic planning committee of Family Links, and volunteering her time for numerous organizations through the years while remaining family-centered, she exemplifies a leadership style that extends beyond the executive floor and into the heart of the community. Her involvement in numerous nonprofit committees throughout the greater Pittsburgh region underscores her dedication to making a positive impact.

A vision for the future

Lisa’s leadership has set a standard of excellence, innovation, and community involvement that will undoubtedly shape Clearview's future. The past year is not just a year in review—it's a foundation for the exciting chapters that await us, laid with building blocks which are key to a bright and sound financial future, and driven by a vision that goes beyond banking numbers to touch the lives of our members and the communities we serve.
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