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Planning for the future just got easier.

Looking to make the most of your money? Savings certificates are a reliable way to grow your money over time. They offer a guaranteed return on your investment and come in a variety of term options to meet both short and long-term financial goals. But trying to understand exactly how much you can expect in returns can be hard to gauge. That's where our savings certificate calculator comes in handy. Whether you're saving for a vacation, down payment, or your children's future, we can help you to plan with confidence.

To use our savings certificate calculator, we recommend you have the follow items ready:
  • Deposit amount: the amount of money you'll be putting into the account
  • Term: the length of time (in months) you agree to leave the money in the account
  • Interest rate: the annual percentage yield, also known as APY, your money will earn
  • Compounding frequency: how often you'll earn the stated APY

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