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"When my checkbook is getting thin and I have bills coming due, I want to be able to restock quickly."
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Choose a check design that suits your personal style.

At Clearview, we're all about giving you good options. When you order checks from our current supplier, Harland Clark, you can do so online or at one of our Pittsburgh-area financial centers. You can also choose a traditional design or a specialty style that reflects your lifestyle or interests. If you're over 50 and have an active Absolute Checking® account, your check order is free.
  • To order within online banking, click Order checks under the Manage account tab. Your routing and account number will be pre-populated, so make sure you double check the numbers before clicking "Yes, start a new order". At this time, checks aren't able to be ordered within our mobile app.
  • You can order checks directly from Harland Clarke. You will need to enter Clearview’s routing number (243083237), your checking account number (from the bottom of your check), and other personal information.
  • Stop into any Clearview location or call 1-800-926-0003 if you have any questions regarding check ordering.
What's included
  • Quick, easy and convenient ordering
  • Order checks online, by phone or in-person
  • Choose from a variety of designs and styles
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