Entering Adulthood

"I may be young, but I'm not dumb. To have the future I want, I know I need to learn more about handling my own money."
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The financial learning curve is growing steeper, but you're up to it.

"How can I make the smartest use of my credit card?"

"What's the best way to save for my short-term goals?"

"What sort of loan might work best for a car? Or covering my college debt?"

If you're a millennial in the Pittsburgh area, the good news is you're asking all the right questions. The better news is that Clearview can offer many of the answers you need in the form of exceptional financial solutions.

Let's Get Going

So you're cutting the cord with Mom and Dad, or whoever helped raise you? Congrats! It's fun to be independent. It's also fun to earn a regular paycheck. But to make the most of your money, you're going to need to stock up on some financial tools. Here's what we suggest:

  • That checking account you have now? The one that nickles and dimes you to death with fees? Let's toss that out along with those ratty T-shirts you've owned since you were 14. Since you're about to learn how complicated the real world can get, we'll keep your new account simple. Our Simple Checking makes it easy to avoid fees, and gives you plenty of perks, ranging from a cool rewards program to a user-friendly Mobile App that allows you to handle your financial matters on the fly without taking a trip to a Clearview location.  
  • Just a moment ago, you mentioned saving goals. Nice job. Lots of people who are just striking out on their own make it a mission to spend every dime that comes in. A really smart way to start saving big time is with our 12-month Flex Savings Certificate. It pays higher dividends than a regular savings account, requires a pretty small opening deposit, and allows you to add money when you have a little extra to sock away.
  • Speaking of borrowing, at some point you'll probably want a reliable set of wheels to get you to all your favorite places in and around the 'Burgh. Whether you're eyeing a sensible commuter car or something sporty, please come to us before you visit a single dealer. We can pre-approve you for an auto loan, so you'll have a better idea how much you can afford. We'll also explain how our low rates and a choice of loan lengths can help control your monthly payments.
  • Speaking of big payments, let's talk about the 800-pound gorilla in the room. If you went to college, chances are you have a gnarly pile of loans to pay off. Because there are zillions of people in your shoes, we've devoted a big part of our Student Loan Center websiteLink opens in a new window to this very topic. The bottom line is that if might be possible to combine all your loans and get a better interest rate, or at least reduce your monthly payments.
  • You started off here asking a lot of good questions. No doubt you'll soon have more. Feel free to contact our friendly staff directly! Or, if you're the DIY type, take advantage of our online Money Management tool that can help you create a monthly budget, an even better savings strategy, and much more.

Yeah, the real world is annoyingly complicated, but it appears that when it comes to finances, you're well on the road to figuring it all out.

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I'd like to get the most of every dollar.

With our Savings Certificates, you're sure to find an account that pays exceptional interest rates and moves you closer to your goals.

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