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Beware of phishing scams

Fraudsters will contact you to try and get you to share your personal or financial info with them, including your Online Banking login information. We won’t, even if there's suspected fraud on your account.

Phishing scams can be conducted via email, phone calls, text messages, or social media. Clearview will never contact you and ask for your personal information, card numbers, Online Banking login information, or any passwords.

Additionally, Clearview will never send you direct links or require you to download an application to log in to digital banking. Only use the login option on our website or our mobile app to log in to your digital banking account.

We’ve been made aware of a recent phishing scam targeting some of our members and members of other credit unions in the region.  The fraudster’s end goal is to gain access to your accounts through your Online Banking or your mobile wallet such as Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, or Samsung Pay®. They’re making contact via email, phone, or text and asking for your Online Banking username and password or a passcode to add a new debit card to a mobile wallet.  As a reminder, a Clearview employee will never ask for your Online Banking login information or a mobile wallet passcode. You shouldn’t share this information with anyone. If you receive an email, call, or text asking for any personal or account information, or if you’ve supplied personal information via email, phone, text, social media, or other means, please call us immediately at 1-800-926-0003.

Look out for malicious messages that carry malware and viruses.

Spam is the electronic equivalent of junk mail. The term refers to unsolicited, bulk email. Spam often contains malicious hyperlinks to target your personal information or encourage you to provide a form of payment. Luckily, most modern email services provide spam filters to block these messages before you see them.

Unfortunately, cyber criminals may still infiltrate your inbox using purchased or stolen email lists that contain your address or phone number. These scammers may contact you by email, phone call, text message, or social media message in an attempt to collect personal and financial information or infect your machine with malware and viruses. If you receive one of these messages, always delete the message without responding to it or opening any links.

There are a few ways to recognize phishing attempts when you come across something suspicious. Pay attention to the name of the sender and the website's URL. Malicious emails and websites may look identical to a legitimate site, but the URL may use a variation in spelling or a different domain (e.g., vs. If you are unsure whether a message's request is legitimate, try to verify it by contacting the company directly. Contact the company using information provided on an account statement, not information provided in the email.

It's important to remember that Clearview will never send you unsolicited messages asking you to provide personal or account information. If you receive a message that claims to be from Clearview, you can always feel free to contact us at 1-800-926-0003 to double check its authenticity.

Having the latest operating system, software, web browsers, anti-virus protection, and apps is the best defense against viruses, malware, and other online threats. Stay up to date, and keep a clean machine to protect yourself.

Learn more about spam and phishing from StaySafeOnline.orgLink opens in a new window.

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What's included?
  • Update your anti-virus protection
  • Be wary of fake URLs
  • Make calls to verity senders
Still have questions about Security?
No. Your online account information is available only via secure access by using your User ID and password. The information is not public. Unless you share your password, no one else can access your account information online.

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