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"When you get a card with rates this low, it's almost like you're getting a sale price on everything."
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Our Mastercard options make life a little more affordable.

These days, many credit cards tout their rewards programs. Others talk about their fraud-fighting services. Those are both really important- and both are a given for our credit cards. But at Clearview, we believe one of the best features of our credit cards is that they hold the line on interest charges for our Pittsburgh-area friends.

Credit Card Rates

See the table below for important disclosures and information for our credit card options.

Rates are effective as of September 26, 2022.

Interest Rates & Interest Charges

  Premium World® Mastercard® (Variable Rate) Platinum and Student Mastercard® (Variable Rate)
Annual Percentage Rate(APR) for Purchases, Cash Advances and Balance Transfers 16.24% - 18.00% APR1
This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate and is based on your creditworthiness.
9.24% - 18.00% APR1
This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate and is based on your creditworthiness.
APR for Purchases Promotional Rate Offer not applicable. 6.49%2 on purchases made through December 31, 2022. After that your APR on purchases will be your standard APR.
Penalty APR None
How to Avoid Paying Interest on Purchases Your due date is at least 25 days after the close of each billing cycle. We will not charge you any interest on purchases if you pay your entire balance by the due date each month.
For Credit Card Tips from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau To learn more about factors to consider when applying for or using a credit card, visit the website of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at
Fees Premium World® Mastercard® (Variable Rate) Platinum and Student Mastercard® (Variable Rate)
Annual Fee None None
Balance Transfer None None
Cash Advance 3% of the amount of each cash advance made at Financial Institutions & ATMs 3% of the amount of each cash advance made at Financial Institutions & ATMs
Foreign Transaction including Purchases
Cash Advances & Credits
  • 2% of the transaction amount in US Dollars
  • 2% of each U.S. Dollar transaction that occurs in a foreign country
Late Payment Up to $35 for each payment that is one (1) or more days late Up to $35 for each payment that is one (1) or more days late
Returned Payment Up to $35 Up to $35

Variable Rate Information: All APRs may vary. They are determined by adding a margin to the Prime Rate (as published in the Money Rates section of the Wall Street Journal on the last business day of the month) on all purchases, cash advances and balance transfers. This margin is determined by your creditworthiness. Rate may change based on a review of your credit and changes to the Prime Rate.

How We Will Calculate Your Balance: We use a method called "average daily balance (including new purchases)." See your account agreement for details.

Balance Transfer Information: There is no grace period for balance transfers. If you transfer a balance and also make purchases, if you do not pay your entire balance in full at the end of the first billing cycle, you may lose your grace period for new purchases.

Billing Rights: Information on your rights to dispute transactions and how to exercise those rights is provided in your account agreement.

Military Rate Discount: If you are scheduled to be deployed please contact us at 1-800-926-0003 for rate adjustment.

Please Note: The information about the costs of the cards described in this application is accurate as of 9/26/22. This information may have changed after that date. To find out what may have changed, call us at 1-800-926-0003, visit our website at or write us at: Clearview Federal Credit Union, Attn: Cards Department, 8805 University Boulevard, Moon Township, PA 15108.

Rates, Fees and Terms May Change: We have the right to change the account terms (including APR) in accordance with your Cardmember Agreement.

  1. APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Changes in the index will cause changes in the APR on the first day of the billing cycle immediately following any such change in the index. All cash advances and balance transfers will accrue interest from the day the advance or transfer is made.
  2. ​APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Payments to your credit card will be posted according to applicable laws. Purchases may not exceed your available credit. The 6.49% APR on purchases will be in effect through December 31, 2022, after which the rate will then revert to your standard APR. Rate is subject to change without notice. Offer may be extended, modified or discontinued at any time. All loan approvals are subject to normal underwriting guidelines and may require a co-signer. You must be at least 18 years old to apply.
Still have questions about Credit Cards?
If you're traveling internationally please take the following steps:
  • Set travel notifications for your debit and credit card(s) from our Card Defense® app. Within Card Defense®, tap on your card then select Travel Notifications. If you have multiple cards, you'll have to set the notification for each card individually. You can also contact us 1-800-926-0003 prior to your departure with the dates and cities you’ll be traveling to so we can notate your cards for travel. We recommend taking more than one form of payment with you when you travel.
  • You'll be asked for a PIN number if you're using your card outside of the U.S., so make sure you have a PIN set up on all cards you'll be taking with you. To set up a PIN for credit cards, call 1-866-576-1342, for debit cards, call 1-866-985-2273.
We use email to communicate with digital banking users. Please log in to digital banking and select My profile under Manage account. Under Personal Information, type your new email address in the Email section and click the Update button. You can also call us at 1-800-926-0003 and we'll make this change for you.
Protect yourself by registering for real-time text fraud alerts for your Clearview credit and debit cards. Once registered, you'll receive a text and/or pre-recorded voice call when there's a suspicious transaction on your card.
Register today. It only takes a few minutes!

You can get a new credit or debit card printed on the spot at some of our financial centers for the following reasons:

  • When your card is lost or stolen
  • When your card is damaged
  • When you open a new checking account at a financial center

Visit our location pages to see which financial centers offer instant issue credit and debit cards.

To review recent transactions, select your credit card from the My accounts page. For additional credit card information, under Manage account, select Manage my credit card.
Call our Care Center at 1-800-926-0003 to make your payment from your debit card or checking account at another financial institution to your Clearview loan or credit card. There's a service fee per transaction. You can avoid this fee by making a payment within digital banking. Learn more about your repayment options.
If you're unable to use any other methods to make a payment to your loan or credit card, please send payments to the following addresses:
  • Credit cards: Clearview Federal Credit Union, PO Box 71050, Charlotte, NC 28272-1050
  • Loan or deposit address: Clearview Federal Credit Union, ATTN: Payment Processing, 8805 University Blvd, Moon Twp, PA 15108-2580. 
You can also make a one-time payment to your loan without logging in to digital banking using our Make a Payment Portal. There's a service fee per transaction. We have payment options in digital banking where you can avoid a fee. Business loans, Midwest mortgages, and credit cards cannot be performed through this payment channel. Learn more about your repayment options.


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