Home Equity

Money to remodel your home or reshape your future
  • Fixed-rate loans or credit lines
  • Affordable rates
  • Use funds for any purpose
  • Ideal for consolidating other debt

Add an extra room to your house, or some extra spice to your life.

We've all been there. All of a sudden you get this idea about how to make your home nicer, your family's life better, or your finances a little more manageable. At Clearview, we're experts at turning these wants and wishes into reality.

If you own a home and you've been making steady payments on your mortgage, chances are you qualify for a Home Equity loan or Home Equity Line of Credit. Whether you opt for a lump sum or a line of credit you can tap into over and over, you'll have the financial means to modernize your kitchen, pay for college tuition, or bring pretty much any other dream to fruition.

What's included?
  • Fast online application process
  • Easy payments through Online or Mobile Banking
  • Wide range of loan amounts
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