Make your money work harder than it ever has
  • Savings Certificates offer exceptional interest rates
  • Solid investments for both individuals and businesses
  • Choose from a wide range of investment periods
  • Open accounts with a modest initial deposit
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Take your pick. You can't go wrong this saving strategy.

It makes sense. You have some money you can afford to set aside for awhile, and you want it to earn every dollar possible. But you're not really interested in anything that's not a sure thing. At Clearview, we can combine high returns with investment comfort.

A Savings Certificate lets you earn far more than a traditional savings account while controlling the investment period. Is your old clunker car on its last legs? A six-month certificate can give you extra cash to finally buy that sportier model. Have an idea for your long-term business plan? A 60-month certificate can help fund that project. Need something in between? No problem, we'll help you make the right choice for any of your future needs.

What's included?
  • Predictable, guaranteed returns
  • Track dividends with Online and Mobile Banking
  • Available as retirement investment tools
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