Credit / Debit Issuance Delay

We are aware of delays in the mailing of new and replacement cards to our members.

What’s happening?

We are currently experiencing delays in the production and distribution of new, re-issued, and replacement credit and debit cards.

We recognize that this situation is inconveniencing our members.

How did this happen?

The card production delay, which is affecting hundreds of financial institutions, was caused (and continues to be impacted) by ongoing supply chain and staffing shortages similar to those being experienced in many other industries.

We continue to work with our vendor to ensure our members’ cards are produced and shipped as soon as possible.

Is there anything I can do to until I receive my new card?

  • For members who have reported their credit card lost or stolen, a new card is issued digitally through the Card Defense® app. Members can add their credit card to their mobile wallet through the Card Defense® app. The physical credit card does not need to be activated before using it in a mobile wallet.
  • Members can use Bill Pay or Zelle® to send money
  • If you have another type of Clearview card, use that temporarily.
  • Visit a Clearview financial center to withdraw cash.
  • If traveling, visit a Shared Branching location to withdraw cash. Find Shared Branches on our locations page or in our mobile banking app.

What if I need a new card immediately?

Make an appointment at one of our financial centers so that we can print you a card instantly.

When will I receive my new card?

Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact date when the issue will be resolved and the new card will be sent. It could take up to 45 days to receive a card.

What about my card that expires this month?

If your current credit or debit card has a February expiration date, you can continue to your card through February 28. Your new card will be sent shortly and should arrive by February 28.

For credit card holders, add your current card to your mobile wallet before it expires. You'll be able to make purchases with your mobile wallet before your physical card arrives, even if your card is expired. You can do this within our Card Defense app by tapping the Add to Apple Wallet or Add to G Pay button beneath your card.