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"With my 24/7 lifestyle, I need to be able to log in and finish quickly whenever I have a few minutes to spare."
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It's banking 2.0, and you're in total control. 

Between doing the things you have to do, the things you want to do, and things that pop up out of the blue, your day moves at warp speed. With Clearview Online Banking, you can quickly tap into your accounts anytime that suits your schedule, and from anywhere there's a desktop or laptop. Transfer cash, pay bills, and much more with a the simple click of a keyboard.   
  • Check account info in real time
  • Make transfers between Clearview accounts
  • Review your loan history
  • Pay bills without using paper checks

  • Go green by switching from paper account statements to electronic ones
  • View your statements online whenever you want
  • Reduce fraud risk that comes from putting paper statements in the mail
  • Electronic security safeguards ensure the privacy of your financial information
  • To enroll, log in to Online Banking and click “eStatements” under the Additional Services tab

Bill Pay
  • Eliminate the tedium of writing out paper checks
  • Make one-time bill payments in a matter of minutes
  • Schedule recurring payments months in advance
  • Avoid late fees by scheduling alerts reminding you of bill due dates
  • Easily track your payment history
  • Sign up through Online Banking

  • Send money to your friends, babysitter, grass mower, or relatives in Pittsburgh or across the country
  • Transfer money directly from bank account to bank account. The recipient doesn't need to have a Popmoney account
  • Popmoney lets you request and receive money for free through Online Banking
Money Management
  • View your complete financial picture all in one place
  • View a breakdown of your transactions by category
  • Visualize your budget with "Bubble Budgets" (The bubble colors represent your budget status. Green indicates you're within your limit, yellow means you’re approaching your limit, and red means you've gone over.)
  • Set savings, debt, and retirement goals and visualize them on your goal timeline
  • Available through Online Banking or our Mobile App
Shared Access
  • Give other people access to your account
  • Useful for helping aging parents keep track of their finances or working with kids in college to ensure they’re being financially responsible
  • Give a business partner, coworker, or assistant access to your business account
  • Give others access to one, multiple, or all accounts in Online Banking, all while controlling how each account can be used
  • To set it up, click on the "Additional Services" tab in Online Banking, then click "Shared Access" and "Add Person" 
  • To give others access, you'll need their name, phone number and email address. Once they're set up, a User ID will be automatically emailed to them.

Purchase Rewards
  • From Online Banking, you can also access Purchase Rewards in the Get Cash Back section
  • View your cash back offers from some of your favorite retailers
  • Then click on the offer or offers you’d like to activate on your debit card
  • Once you shop at the selected retailers, the cash will automatically be deposited into your checking account each month for the rewards you earned during the previous month
What's included?
  • Send money to friends
  • Pay bills online
  • Set financial goals and track progress
1.99% APR
Introductory home equity line of credit
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Still have questions about Online Banking?
Transfer funds or set up a recurring transfer from your Clearview savings account(s) or checking account to make a payment on your loan or Visa. Pay your Clearview loan or Visa using an external checking account or debit card. Log in to Online Banking and select Pay My Loan or Visa under the Move Money tab. Pay your Clearview Visa using an external checking or savings account. Log in to Online Banking and select Manage Visa Credit Card under the Additional Services tab.
No. Your online account information is available only via secure access by using your User ID and Password. The information is not public. Unless you share your Password, no one else can access your account information online.
Skip a Pay is a feature within Online Banking that allows you skip an eligible loan payment.
FFEL Student Loans, CU Student Choice Loans, First Mortgages, Home Equity Loans and Home Equity Lines of Credit, PowerLine Lines of Credit and credit card payments are not eligible to skip. All other loans are eligible.
Yes, this is very important. We use email to communicate with Online Banking users. Please log onto Online Banking and select My Settings, then under Primary email select “Edit”. Then, type your new email address in the "Primary email" section and click the "Save" button. You can also call us at 1-800-926-0003 and we will make this change for you.
Click on each account suffix (i.e. Checking 9). This will display your account history. You can adjust the amount of history to display by changing the date range at the top of this page. Members who have elected to receive E-Statements can access their account statements for even more history.
Only two months of payment(s) may be skipped per a 12-month period, with at least a 60-day span between any two Skip a Payments. Only six months of payment(s) may be skipped over the life of the loan.
There is a $35.00 processing fee per loan that cannot be added to the principal of your loan(s). By requesting to skip your loan payment(s), you are authorizing Clearview to automatically transfer the fee(s) from the account you’ve specified. The fee(s) transfer will occur immediately after receipt of your request to skip your loan payment. If funds for the $35.00 processing fee(s) for each loan are not in the indicated savings or checking account you select, your skip will not be set up.
To access your Credit Card information, please click on “Manage Credit Card” under the Additional Services tab. Click “Enter” to be redirected to a new, secured site where you can view your balance, history, and eStatements (if enrolled).
Loans must be open for three months to be eligible for Skip a Pay.
“Clearview takes the time to understand the customer at a human level instead of as numbers on a paper.” William, Member since 2016
Learn More- Go to membership page
Learn More- Go to membership page