Money Management

Managing your finances all in one place has never been easier.

View all of your accounts and transactions conveniently in one place with Money Management. 

Money Management is a free, award-winning budgeting tool that shows your complete financial picture (including accounts from external financial institutions) all in one place. It has a variety of features that can help make your financial life easier, all broken down into different categories.


Get an overview of your recent spending across all accounts. You can search for and filter specific transactions, sort by date, payee or amount, or recategorize an expense.

transactions view


The spending chart allows you to quickly identify your biggest expenses and also pull out specific details by selecting pieces of the chart. By visualizing your spending habits in this format, you can easily see where there may be holes in your budget so you can put your money to its best use.

spending view


Money Management’s “Bubble Budgets” allow you to focus your attention where it’s needed most. The colors of the bubbles represent the status of your budget: green indicates you’re within your limit, yellow means you’re approaching your limit, and red means you’ve gone over. Budgets are generated based on your previous spending. If a budget doesn’t seem right, you can always update or add new budgets that align with your expenses. 

budgets view


The “Trends” category allows you to track spending in each category over time. 

money management trends


The “Debts” feature aggregates all of your debts in one place so you can see how to pay down your debt faster. You can prioritize certain debt payoffs, see how various payoff methods will affect your debt timeline, and see how adding money to your monthly payment will get you out of debt faster. 

debts view

Net Worth

Track the net sum of all of your assets and liabilities. This way, you can monitor your overall financial progress and see what makes up your gains and losses.

net worth view


Set savings, debt, and retirement goals and visualize them on your goal timeline. 

goals view

Cash Flow

The Cash Flow section helps you understand your spending by looking at your transaction history, so you can easily identify recurring payments and deposits to see how they affect their future.  

cash flow view

Get started with Money Management

You can access Money Management for free in Online Banking on your desktop or within our Mobile App

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