Mortgage Rates

"My home is my castle, but great rates mean I'm not paying a king's ransom for interest charges."
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Spend less on your loan and more on nice things for your home.

When people spend a lot, it's sometimes said they're "mortgaging their future." At Clearview, we're determined to not let that happen to our Pittsburgh-area friends. We keep our mortgage rates low so that you'll have plenty left over to spend in the months and years to come.

Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates effective as of July 11, 2024.
Mortgage Type Term Rate APR* As Low As
Fixed-Rate Mortgage 15 6.250% 6.489%
Fixed-Rate Mortgage 20 6.500% 6.695%
Fixed-Rate Mortgage 30 6.750% 6.901%

The published interest rates and APRs displayed are subject to change without notice. Interest rates change frequently and your rate is not confirmed unless you lock your rate with a representative of Clearview Federal Credit Union. 
Rates are for the purchase or no-cash out refinance of a single family, first lien, owner-occupied property within Clearview Federal Credit Union’s lending footprint. Rates and/or fees may be assessed based on underwriting and collateral risk. Rates reflect a 60-day rate lock. Other lock period and point combinations are available. Fixed rates are based on loan amounts up to $766,550.00 with a maximum Loan to Value of 95%, and are applicable to Purchase loans as well as Rate and Term Refinances of Single-family homes. 
* The annual percentage rate (APR) displayed assumes a loan amount of $160,000, 20% down payment and 30 days prepaid interest. You will incur additional closing costs.  Prepaid finance charges, which are used in the calculation of the APR are estimated to be $2361 (these include flood determination, origination charge, closing protection letter and settlement fee). The annual percentage rates (APR) does not include private mortgage insurance because the amount will vary depending upon your loan to value and other factors. Please contact the Real Estate Department at [email protected] to learn how private mortgage insurance will affect your loan and other closing costs.

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“Clearview takes the time to understand the customer at a human level instead of as numbers on a paper.” William, Member since 2016
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Learn More- Go to membership page
I recently went through the process of getting a car loan, and I wanted to leave a BIG Thank you to Kayla! She was very knowledgeable and helped make the whole process go very smoothly. Thanks to her I got the car of my dreams! Dana, Member since 2018
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Learn more- Learn about auto loans from Clearview
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