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International Credit Union Day

Clearview Federal Credit Union will celebrate International Credit Union Day on October 19, 2017, along with more than 56,000 credit unions around the world.

Since 1948, credit unions have celebrated a simple but radical idea – that by working together, people can improve their financial well-being. “Dreams Thrive Here,” this year’s ICU Day theme, is meant to serve as a reminder of how effective credit unions like Clearview are at helping all people chase and achieve their biggest dreams in life.

This is because the primary purpose of credit unions is—and always has been—to be of service to their members. That means you. This people-first philosophy doesn’t just mean better service, it translates into a better financial deal for consumers. Credit unions, on average, offer higher rates of return on savings accounts, lower rates on loans, and fewer and lower fees than other financial institutions.Dreams Thrive Here

Download and print the International Credit Union Day coloring sheet to get the kids involved, then stop by a branch on October 19, 2017 and help us celebrate the credit union difference. We will recognize our members by providing a free treat at all Clearview branches!

To all of our members, thank you for joining Clearview, where we hope your dreams will always thrive.